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Apparently, the Pentagon is building it's own Internet, at an estimated cost of $200 billion. Talk about war driving. Sheesh.For the German readers, here's an article showing that Windows Media Player 10 was made using warez, at least in part. Microsoft, the bastions of IP rights and proper licensing are a little bruised at the moment. I'm waiting for the BSA to invade MS's offices. Of course, since Microsoft founded the BSA...In a sharp slap to the faces of all those who claim video game violence is corrupting today's youth, Capcom is releasing the official Gamecube Chainsaw to accompany Resident Evil 4. Excellent.


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That waarez MP10 stuff is interesting, I'll watch out for it hitting english speaking sites so I can understand it without pieceing together clues from the images lol.

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The Inquirer has this to say about it. In essence, the wave files packaged with WMP10 for the "tour" portion, when opened with either a hex editor or even a text editor, the last line shows the application used was Sony's SoundForge 4.5, licenced to Deepz0ne, who was well known for his work in cracking various audio applications a few years back.

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well the CIA interweb is interesting.

They must be a bit ....annoyed, seaming as the orignal internet, MilNet, was designed for Government use, but because it relied so much on Universities for the know how etc, it became public.

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