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    • I see that the attachment in the first post was updated in 2022, but I still can't download it. It is "unavailable". Perhaps uploading it somewhere else such as Mod DB would be better for long-term accessibility?
    • I'mma counter that by being cautiously optimistic, as I typically am to a fault these days. It seems the whole games industry is really struggling right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft's days as a major game developer at the very least, are numbered. However, I see the next generation of games they bring out as their "make or break" they'll know that, and while there was a lot wrong with Wildlands and a lot more wrong with Breakpoint, I'll give them one thing, in terms of gameplay, I think they've finally nailed down a formula for Ghost Recon that's accessible for new players while placating some of the older fans of the series. They've gotten their gameplay identity nailed down after 22 years, and as much as there's a lot I don't like about it as one of the "oldies" I can at the very least respect that.  They've also quickly come to terms with NFT's not being viable. We also know they were working on a Splinter-Cell reboot that took it back to the roots with minor story adjustments to reflect the world as it is today. I will get through the rest of this without hero-worshipping I promise. If they sort out the major issues with the story and build upon the foundation of gameplay they set with Wildlands and the later versions of Breakpoint I think they'll have a shot. They realised just how far they misstepped with Frontline and very quickly canned it. New players didn't want it, old players were disgusted by the notion. They may yet come around to the idea that the fanbase of Ghost Recon won't take kindly to quick cash-grabs. They can't do to Ghost Recon what they did with Rainbow Six, the fanbase just won't stand for it. In my opinion though, Ghost Recon has found its gameplay identity at last but I think the story leaves a lot to be desired. I'm probably not in the minority here when I say the Michael Bay-esque big explosions and overtly bad bad guys doesn't play well into what Ghost Recon realistically should be. The story of breakpoint felt very much like that really bad fanfic I wrote when I was twelve or some sh**, except with more Addison Cain/ABO flare, and that is not a compliment.  I'll be honest, as much as I love the gameplay of the original Ghost Recon games, it was the story and the backdrop that really sold it for me. Hell, the story was so grounded and accurate in the earlier games that the timings of real world political incidents in Georgia, Russia and North Korea matched almost perfectly. You were just a group of guys doing denied ops behind enemy territory, you weren't a living legened, literally likened to a god by your subordinates like Mitchell in the later games was. You didn't personally know the guys you were fighting in some contrived way of adding conflict to the plot like Nomad. You weren't a tech savant with a penchant for stupidity like Kozak, though I could see that being interesting.  I think Ghost Recon really needs an injection of that grounded story and crew mixed with the gameplay style that Wildlands/Breakpoint brought to the table. The Ghost Recon 2 crew were a perfect example of that "group of guys" all had their own unique personalities, drivers and backstories but they weren't played up or totally unrelatable. I don't think the tech was quite there for the Ghost Recon 1 crew to shine through in the same way, but they were set up in a similar way, just unfortunately not reflected in game due to lack of tech at the time. So imo, if they hard reset back to the roots in terms of story and start again with the Ghost Recon 2 version of Mitchell and his crew, hell, reset Mitchell and make them a customisable character. Add the new gameplay style, I frankly wouldn't be mad at that. It wouldn't be the absolute perfect rendition of Ghost Recon 1 replicated play for play on a shiny new engine, I've come to terms with the fact that that's just not happening. Nor would it be my absolute dream hero-worshipping game centered around you-know-who, because I realise I'm in a niche minority of the old guard who still even remember her.  but, it would certainly get me interested.
    • With so many being disillusioned with big publishers dropping the ball with the tactical realism genre, for so long (and AAA games in general); specifically and literally disenfranchised with Ubisoft's running the Ghost Recon franchise into the ground -- and GRN still being a locus for what these games had -- what kind of funding do those still here think GRN could generate with a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign? When I think back to some of the amazing Ghost Recon Arma mod trailers Wombat made, the high rez texture mods by Zeealex and others, Apex Mods amazing Heroes Unleashed swan's song to Ghost Recon -- the sheer weight of all the work, time, and talent that has been poured into GRN, chokes me up... And it all still here, decades running, given away for free -- and like the site that hosts it a conspicuous labor of love. Surely others see this and feel the same -- overwhelmed by the generosity, enthusiasm, and hard work... So, what if there was some kind of long term build-up to a focused goal of funding the development of a commercial game, then hiring the people to do it, making GRN a hub for marketing and Fan based intermediary for such a project, it might, at some point, get legs. What I'm suggesting is creating a sort of fictional sub-thread for 'The Ghost Of Ghost Recon', where anyone could throw in with what kind of game this could and should be, how to approach it, from 'pet wish fantasy' to practical results oriented nuts and bolts, here's what would be needed to get this off the ground in terms of time, talent, and financial resources, where to go -- a sort of fan based map that may remain just a Ghost, but -- perhaps a lot of fun 'what if'... I'm know I'm just being maudlin and nostalgic, there's lots of cool games in the wild, and Apex Mods Heroes Unleashed will keep me busy for...probably another decade, with ideas for experimenting with my own hack and tweak mod from my read of the original Ghost Recon game design slightly updated... But what if?  And where is that Apex Mods, I miss that guy!
    • I could never play MP mainly due to limited uninterrupted gaming time...even during Campaign, I'm constantly getting bothered or disturbed by family member.  Even during this time of replaying COD4MW, I'm still getting disturbed.  I briefly got into the BF3-4 series on random servers...no teamwork whatsoever.  Just Rushing TDM
    • The 'Enemy Soldier Down' message is not scripted in 'Igor'.  As Wombat said, some mods do not show the message (IIRC they change the shell art so that the message is not displayed); you can test that by deactivating all mods (bar mp1 and mp2). You can script the 'Kill Count,' it depends what you want to do with that; with something like Trigger Event: DeathPlatoon, you don't need to calculate the 'Kill Count,' it will trigger when all members of said Platoon are dead.  Following is a simple script to show the 'Kill Count (you could add a 'enemy killed' message if you chose):' Trigger Event:  DeathCompanyMember - a member of [enemy] company has been killed Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated  (allows this to loop) Increment KillCount    (where KillCount is a Counter) Display ((The value of KillCount) as text) to all players  
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