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    • I can't say enough how  marvelous this character looks and the amount of effort and detail you have put in to it. I have done a little retexturing of GR models but it was child's play compared to what you have done here. As Richard Attenborough would say in Jurassic Park, "You have spared no expense."  
    • My squad has picked up the pre-alpha version of Ground Branch and are playing it in co-op. IMHO, BlackFoot has done a really good job on this. So far, it seems like a game where you can absolutely play it in a very tactical fashion. There a many little touches that add to the realism of the combat. And there is no HUD or player tags whatsoever. We've chalked up a lot of TKs.  The loadouts are very detailed and the various options definitely affect gameplay. Right now, this game is getting more play time than Sandstorm or Arma 3 in my group. 
    • Yes, Sandstorm co-op is one the best games my squad plays. We play on customized servers that have GREATLY increased the game's difficulty making it extremely challenging.
    • The body so while I had spent an entire year getting her face to match the original model - her body model weas perhaps the part that saw the most significant deviation. Original below: The Retrospective Changes - Modernising The Look First and foremost, is that we can obviously look retrospectively on US special forces operators of that same time period (in this instance, 2011) and change up a couple of things based on that - This picture of US Special Forces in Afghanistan in 2011 informed some of the changes: I'd opted to keep her in a MICH as these still seemed relatively common in the field at the time, but I opted use an uncovered helmet instead of a covered one. Oakley gloves were also a big 2011 aesthetic at the time, with both frontline infantry and USSOCOM alike using them so opted to switch her out of the Nomex flight gloves into those. Most USSOCOM soldiers appeared to use Peltor COMTAC II headsets around this time too, most likely because of their active noise cancelling capabilities. The choice of camo was a bit up in the air, given that most special forces operators were pictured in afghanistan, given that Jennifer was supposed to be in North Korea around this time, I opted to keep her with M81 woodland patterns, however the Coyote Brown/Tan colours seen frequently did inform later decisions. I saught to change her kneepad from the USGI/BPE kneepad (which is super comfy FYI) to a lower profile blackhawk kneepad to modernise the look a bit - and also, changed her boots from those god-awful jungle boots (foot murder) to something else. I originally had her in Lowa Zephyrs (similar to the guy on the right of the photo above) but they looked a bit weird later on, also from experience they're not great anywhere outside of afghanistan, so I changed them over to Belleville Combat Hiker boots. Character-Informed Decisions & Conveying Character Through Visual Input One of the changes was informed by the character herself. In other words, I pulled out my pretentious art major hat and put it on. Studying the character, we know she's a little bit of a rebel, probably not one to conform to a uniform standard given half a chance (not that SOF really do in the field anyway), but looking at the original model, there's almost no suggestion of that. She's very uniform with the other guys, she doesn't really wear anything to make her stand out and convey that she's a slightly more non-conformist character. Nick Salvatore does, he wears a T-Shirt for the entirety of GR2.  So while I was mapping out her gear, I stopped short of giving her a Paraclete SOF BDU jacket like her original rendition. I opted to instead give her a pullover hoodie. But, I wanted to convey something a little more subtle in that decision, by making the hoodie "too big". This one's left open to interpretation. Maybe its not hers, and it implies a softer side to her character, a keepsake garment belonging to someone special who she misses back home. Maybe it's a long running joke/prank between her and someone else on the team to "capture" his hoodie. Maybe it is hers and she just really likes oversized hoodies. Who knows, I just think those kind of things are fun to toy around with. But it pulls out that little bit of additional character for interpretation, it doesn't fit absolutely perfectly when arguably it would've been very easy for me to do so, it sags, wrinkles and doesn't fit well, why?   Additional Tidbits & The Gun I added a shemagh in, this wasn't for any particular reason other than for visual complexity, also shemaghs are cool. I also bumped her pistol from her leg to her waist because leg holsters are the worst! The gun was a very simple design choice in reality - it was a modernization; Block I to Block II with a PEQ-15, eotech and G33 magnifier. I was going to add a couple more things here, like a down-grip and a torch, but I started fizzling out at this point. The paintjob colours and positioning were informed by her original concept art, i just snuck in a bit of snakeskin for good measure. I also just muted down the diarrhea brown to a tan colour instead. : I also shifted her radio from her back to her front (I used a mag pouch because I'm lazy) what you see poking out on her back is a relocated antenna: Things That Were Kept In terms of things that were kept, she still uses BDU pants - but these are Paraclete SOF BDU pants as opposed to typical BDU pants - while the original model does use standard BDU pants, the DVD Extras point to her actually supposedly using SOF BDU pants, there are a couple of differences between the two, with the paraclete pants having additional pockets and integrated kneepads (suck it, crye). She also still uses an eagle SAS MKIII holster, it's just on her hip now instead of her thigh. And last but not least, she still has her Wiley X SG-1's, similar to the holster, they've just moved, they now rest around her neck, just on top of her shemagh. The Workflow The meat of the work for the clothing, (hoodie and pants) was created in Marvelous Designer - this is a cloth simulation program originally intended for fashion design, so basically I'm making a literal tacitcal barbie doll. I had to define a base body mesh that had reasonably athletic features - I bought one as I frankly suck at those, unfortunately most on the marketplace are relatively "slim" and skinny without a lot of musculature, so I had to make do. For now. After drawing out the pattern and simulating it will haphazardly rolled sleeves, the big problem with making the hoodie was that it was supposed to fit under a RAV - and as a result the wrinkle pattern will look odd and the RAV will appear to float if the hoodie doesn't appear to "crumple" under it - so I had to get a bit creative and define the outline of the RAV in marvelous designer and make it very elastic to define the hoodie's wrinkle pattern. When I opted to bump her holster up to her hip, I had to resim the hoodie using the holster's geometry to ensure it sagged and wrinkled appropriately again. The pants were, honestly, a pain in the backside to do, marvelous kept crashing and my PC hated me the whole time. Similarly to the RAV - I had to define the position of the kneepad in a very jerry-rigged manner so the pants would physically respond in the right way. Originally they were way too long and it required a lot of adjustment to get long-ish but not horribly oversized but then I started running into issues with the front pockets, very annoying time overall, but I got there. The boots, similar to the RAV and pouches, were a photogrammetry workflow, I had an old pair of combat hikers lying around which I nabbed and photographed Full disclosure; after making the boots, pants and hoodie, I fizzled out again - to keep the project's momentum going, I cannibalised some older work, most notably the gun, the gloves, the comtacs, shemagh and the MICH (from my ground branch work) to use here. I repainted the gun and reworked the shemagh to work on this model. Once again I lost a lot of energy just from doing that, and resorted to purchasing the kneepad and holster, I think the eotech was also a purchase. To top the whole thing off, I unified everything as best I could through textures and material work. all the models got plopped into substance painter and "muddied up" - this way she looked less "clean" and more like someone who had just done a DA mission deep in the mountain regions of North Korea Posing There wasn't anything particularly special about the posing, it was a simple rig up and go set up - I wanted her new pose to be similar to the original, but with 1) more trigger discipline, and 2) something for that left hand to do other than just kinda dangle there. I decided to have her hold her helmet in her other hand, something a little chilled out that lets you see her full head, without being an action pose or overtly cheesy. Looking at the comparison again - the overall design is supposed to still resemble her, but be slightly more modern and complex. What's next? ideally I want to revisit this later down the line and make a version that fits more closely to the muscle structure expected of a special forces operator - I want to get a full photogrammetried version complete (of her gear) but in order to do that, I've got some more work to do in the freeweight room.  
    • Thanks Wombat! I definitely take a lot of pride in it given that it appears to match pretty close to the original. I'll be working on the body write up soon, hopefully tomorrow.
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