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    • I know jack about modeling but it is interesting to see the progression of the head model from Jul 2020 and the very nice end result. Kudos to you Alex.
    • Thanks! I'll discuss a bit about the model development for the time being. While the model seems relatively, model-ish it's actually about a year's worth of constantly tinkering and tweaking to get the everything just right. Head Model The project started around June/July 2020 time - at this point I had recovered some of my mental ability to face 3dsMax after fizzling out from Game Dev. I was able to create a new base mesh and hair for the ladies in the FEMAL3 project for Arma 3 - I liked it and I wanted to revisit the old project I had started to recreate Jenny before. The original project fell short, mainly from a lack of patience and at that point technical knowledge. What you don't see in the progression image below is the literal thousands of tweaks to the model and texture files. There were also some pauses (especially between July and January) to map out and create the gear. July and January I was also stuck in a rut trying to analyse the original GR2 Model file structure with a view to convert them. On January 19th, I had cracked the file structure of the original GR2 models and developed the conversion software - this accelerated progression within this project as I was now no longer working from just two angles of Jennifer's face. I was now able to take renders across many different angles and I was able to analyse proportions and details right down to the shape of her hairline and the slight asymmetry of her nose, also the position of a freckle on her jawline. No, I'm not kidding. January also saw some major tweaks to the face texture, particularly opting to remove the camoe paint (I suck at that) and add a little more colour variation to her face. February 2021 is when these progressions from the GR2 model begin to become much more apparent, paying particular note to the strengthening of her jawline, and the lightening of her hair - the original textures appeared to suggest she was blonde, informing the second Feb 2021 render, but this was reverted back to a slightly lighter auburn colour in later versions. I also revisited the eye texture here, older versions were very dramatic and unnatural, the newer versions gave her a much more natural hazel colour, which didn't detract too much from the rest of the face.  In March 2021 - The model file had become too complex for the rendering engine to manage effectively and renders started going a bit skewiff! so, I had to switch part way through, what you're not seeing here is the very amusing lighting errors which were happening. I upgraded my renderer to Marmoset Toolbag 4 and made use of its slightly more advanced skin shader and lighting system for additional finesse. In March I also revisited the hair workflow and was able to pull out some more photorealistic detail, which really lifted the model out a little bit. I tried to do the same with the eyebrows but they kept coming out a little too dark, and this was muted down by a fair margin. May 2021 saw the final version of her face, a direct analysis of two orthographic views of the new model and the original GR2 model appeared to show a very strong proportion match. I'm happy with it, but the constant tweaks and tinkering has unfortunately left its mark, particularly on the bridge of her nose. Original Model outline overlayed over rework - black lines are original model proportions, some margin of error exists due to angles. The Vest The vest was created using a photogrammetry workflow - basically taking thousands of photos of an object and letting an algorithm generate the model and texture. I actually used my green RAV instead of my woodland RAV as this was in much better condition and had far fewer quirks and defects. Using the green RAV would also allow me to generate a texture template, to retexture if needed. To facilitate ease of generation - I popped a blue shirt on the mannequin and plates in the vest, and shot on an overcast day. The point cloud came out okay, I was able to remove most of the shirt and bake this down into the final high poly model The final model, baked down into a low-poly game ready format was about 1,500 vertices I was able to remove most of the blue quirks and clean up the texture bake a little bit for the final version. The pouches were created using a similar approach, both were photogrammatrized first, however the magazine pouches were originally coyote brown coloured and retextured to be smoke green After that, it was just a case of retexturing and fitting it to the body model. I shall discuss the body model & weaponry another time as this is perhaps the most significant deviation from the original GR2 character model and I anticipate this will require quite a bit of write up
    • Really neat, we need to keep the momentum going with this!
    • The Maggie bit is just a quirk I added in for funzies lol
    • Thanks both! Haha I swear I do go outside!! I'll rewrite the original bio later today and post.  @wombat50 yeah man - there's 16 in MBTI and I can't remember how many in ennegram, I think 32. I've always found personality type theory quite interesting as a concept, I just hate what some people do with it - trying to learn more about it sends you down a very strange rabbit hole of people abusing the type theory to stereotype and stigmatise many while deifying others. For instance, I'm (supposedly) ENTJ - according to these 'research communities' supposedly I'm an absolutely psychotic CEO type who is cold and ruthless and also has penchant for being a dominatrix or something?  I don't usually 'rely' on it for that reason in my personal life - because it's inaccurate af, especially when you factor in developmental disorders like ADHD. But it helps when trying to expand a character's biography from 2 freaking lines into something more substantial.  
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