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Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed
Added: 20/12/08 08:31:03
Description: GRHU LOGO

The Ruthlessly Unforgiving Tactical Shooter Experience

Hardcore realism, with nonlinear play, real-world physics, and smart AI.
Infinite replayability, with tons of maps, missions, units, and equipment.


Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed offers a ruthlessly unforgiving tactical FPS experience by maximizing realism in every aspect of the game. Weapons match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling. AI displays terrifying acumen in trying to outmaneuver you. Missions take place in open-world locations and are entirely nonlinear, with a minimum of scripted events and utmost randomization, for infinite replayability.

Heroes Unleashed pushes tactical realism gameplay to the extreme, setting it light years apart from anything you are accustomed to in today’s ubiquitous action shooters. One shot can kill. There is no magical healing, fantasy gear, sci-fi enemy markers, handholding, or guide towards certain victory. It is just you and your squad, on your own behind enemy lines, with caution as your best bet to survive.

Whether you choose to play online or alone, with friends or AI, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed delivers a rivetingly realistic squad-based military combat you won’t find anywhere else.


• Absolute focus on true hardcore tactical realism
• Nonlinear gameplay, real-world physics, ultra smart AI
• Huge single player and cooperative multiplayer campaign
• Infinite replayability with hundreds of maps and missions
• Massive arsenal of authentic weapons and equipment
• Various international special forces multiplayer teams
• Detailed 3D models, hi-res textures, realistic sound
• Included add-on mods for personal customization
• Cross-platform compatible for Mac and PC


"You will literally never need another shooter. Ever."

"Hands down one of the most well put together mods of any mod from any game I've played."

"It's not even funny how much better this is than every other Ghost Recon game."

"Breathes new life into the old classic in a way I didn't think was possible."

"One of the most ambitious mods I’ve ever seen. There’s so much new stuff, it’s insane."

"I love the attention to detail on everything, that amount of polish and consistency."

"A complete overhaul to make the game better in every single way. The dedication is amazing."

"Do yourself a favor and download the Heroes Unleashed mod."


To support Heroes Unleashed, share it, and recommend it to other people.
If you want to contribute more, leave a donation.

Thank you. It is hugely appreciated.



• Mac OS 9.2 – 10.x, Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (x86/64)
• 1.0 GHz processor
• 1 GB RAM
• 128 MB graphics card
• 30 GB available disk space (up to 40 GB during installation)
• TCP/IP connection (for local network / online multiplayer)
• Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (2001)


Drag-and-drop. Unpack the .7z file and read included instructions.

Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed
Creator/Author: ApexMods (See documentation for full contributors credits.)
Version: 1.0.1 (2018-05-21)
File Size (MB): 10 GB (Same download for Mac & PC.)
Discussion Link: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed
Last Download: 03/12/22 09:10:40
Downloads: 47968
(1316 Ratings) 
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Posted By Chris on 01/07/15 22:18:18

This mod is truly the best mod you will ever download in the history of Ghost Recon!! New everything! The weapons, the maps, the wallpapers, EVERYTHING!! Awesome job ApexMods!! You made my game a whole different game.

Posted By Chris on 07/07/15 20:44:50

This has been the best mod that I have ever played in the history of Ghost Recon! It has over 200 kits on all catagories, it has over 150 maps and missions and the weapons have amazing details and models!! Excellent mod Apex. I hope to see Heroes Unleashed beta 9 soon! (p.s. I also want some zoom on mp5's and other guns that cannot zoom on b8) :]

Posted By Fluphy on 19/11/16 03:14:03

Is this standalone or which GR do i have to get in order to try the mod?

Posted By Apex on 19/11/16 17:09:56

You'll need the original "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" (2001) and both official expansion packs, "Desert Siege" and "Island Thunder".

Posted By Jave on 19/11/16 17:50:19

Downloading now Apex. Gonna give it a short run tonight!

Posted By Hal on 22/11/16 22:17:14

Will not Download and tried all the mirrors - download starts and then just disappears, never finishing

Posted By Fluphy on 23/11/16 11:43:43

Thank you :)

Posted By Apex on 25/11/16 06:38:14

@Hal: Re-checked all mirrors, working perfectly fine. Make sure not to close the browser window too early.

Posted By ApexMods on 12/04/18 03:05:39

FYI, since version 1.0 the Heroes Unleashed mod no longer requires Desert Siege or Island Thunder to be installed. It's still fully compatible with both, but there are now compatibility add-ons included that can you install if you want to play the mod without the official expansions. Please see the included manual or quick start guide for details.

Posted By Richard on 22/05/18 09:54:22

Thanks for all the work you keep putting into this game!

Posted By Nick on 24/05/18 09:37:47

I can't unzip the current archive with the latest StuffIt Expander v16.0.6. It reports the archive is corrupted. I re-did the download with same results and diff shows both downloads identical. I can expand it with Dr. Unarchiver but it does report errors and creates two output directories. I'm trying to merge those now. I think there's an incompatibility with updates done within the archive. I do have a Windows thing somewhere and may try to expand there if this merge attempt fails.

Posted By bafonetto on 24/05/18 11:31:32

Sorry but i use Google translate. Excellent MOd. It deserves all the bytes that compose it. Ghost Recon elevated to the cube (GR) ^ 3. Thanks for the time dedicated to the game and to us.

Posted By bafonetto on 24/05/18 12:39:37

Given the "weight" of the MOD (about 10 GB), I would suggest to the author to download only the patches. In this way it would be avoided to re-download the whole MOD.

Posted By Nick on 25/05/18 12:47:16

For all the Mac users: use Keka to expand the archive error free :-)

Posted By help on 06/09/18 19:28:36

the files say they are all invalid when I try to unzip them? does anyone know how to fix that?

Posted By on 20/12/18 11:52:30

eRaIt0 Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I ave been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

Posted By on 20/12/18 11:52:30

Posted By on 20/12/18 14:51:02

34VWkg I truly appreciate this blog.Thanks Again.

Posted By on 20/12/18 14:51:02

Posted By AJRobson on 19/01/19 05:50:31

Can't get the .7z to extract without errors with newest version of 7Z using Windows 7. Ugh. Guess I'll try on Win10 system.

Posted By on 22/01/19 08:27:56

Posted By AJRobson on 22/01/19 12:24:31

Got it to extract on a Win 10 system!! This is mod is amazing. Thank you so much. I'll be donating to your website.

Posted By on 08/02/19 16:14:23

Posted By Ripper on 12/02/19 21:07:16

It is amazing that this game is loved and played! I am downloading the mod and I am excited to play this again after 15 years!

Posted By on 18/05/19 21:18:48

Posted By on 09/07/19 11:16:43

Posted By on 09/07/19 15:12:50

Posted By on 27/07/19 19:06:53

Posted By on 27/07/19 23:20:13

Posted By on 08/09/19 00:08:04

Posted By on 08/09/19 11:58:16

Posted By Kal on 11/01/20 10:00:29

Gonna give this a try for the first time!

Posted By on 18/01/20 08:05:34

Posted By on 18/01/20 18:21:28

Posted By Howard on 30/01/20 20:12:09

Go on! This is one of the best mods ever made

Posted By Howard on 30/01/20 20:15:06

If you wanna play online here is a list with Ghost Recon servers: Share your server in this list too, this game is still alive.

Posted By on 08/03/20 09:27:26

Posted By on 09/03/20 22:38:52

Posted By on 09/05/20 08:45:06

Posted By on 11/05/20 21:01:00

Posted By on 11/05/20 23:18:37

Posted By HP on 10/06/20 06:01:44

I want to complete all missions in Campaign... but on Mission 24 "Spectre Wind", there was a bug. On secondary objective is to neutralize vehicle pool... i destroyed a tank and wiped out all enemies including jeeps but its shows incomplete.... I hope u notice this issue :).

Posted By on 12/06/20 08:28:40

Posted By on 13/06/20 23:00:06

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