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9MS Mod inc. Operation Blue Glow
Added: 28/09/08 05:58:33
Description: Patch 1.2.e has been released - August 2010

Fixed several more missions CTD due to old character references

Fixed few issues with new defends

Removed rain from few missions with clear sky

Removed fog / snow from MP2 Island mission

Swapped some vehicles for new Hammer versions

Added relit version of MP2 Bridges map - altered original mission

Updated modscont to 1.2.e

Place into 9MS12 main folder, right click and extract here.


9MS12 - Full version July 2010

Operation Blue Glow is an incredibly detailed 9 mission campaign design for squads to play online.

9MS is a huge mod with almost 200 missions/gametypes to play online, with custom characters and kit combos.

Campaign is fully playable in Single player.


Mission 01 Intel

Despite the recent cooling of relations with the Russians, our intelligence agents maintain contact with their spook counterparts. Through back-channels, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has advised the US government about a sensitive matter in Guatemala. Some female college students from the University of Moscow studying bio-diversity in tropical regions were kidnapped days ago by separatists funded in past years by the old Soviet regime. The thugs have demanded military equipment and money to continue revolutionary activities in the region.

Their threats to kill the hostages upon any intervention should be taken seriously. These ###### have killed others in similar ransom situations. Diplomacy is not an option either, as the Guatemalan government refuses to deal with the separatists and doesn’t have the muscle to get them out by force. The Russians will not openly exercise military options in the Western hemisphere -- Monroe Doctrine and all that. However, Guatemala will permit a US-led rescue attempt in the rebel-controlled area, provided civilian deaths are avoided.

An operation of this nature could carry heavy political risk, but Washington for unknown reasons has decided to participate. Our military intelligence believes this story has more than meets the eye, especially given the fast-track approval of this overseas op.

The exact location of these kids is not known. The kidnapping occurred under unusual circumstances, as the Cuban boy friend (Codename: Casanova) of one girl unexpectedly left the campsite shortly before the abduction. Yesterday our assets spotted this guy in a known rebel stronghold. Is he a captive, or part of the kidnapping plot? Either way, he is the only link to the hostage whereabouts at this time.

Mission 01 (Casanova Returns)

1.Apprehend Casanova (20 points)

2.Question Casanova in Safehouse (50 points)

3.Extract Casanova safely (30 points)

4.Avoid civilian casualties (-5 for each fatality)

PLACE: Uaxactun, Guatemala

DATE: May 12, 2010

TIME: 13:00


MAP SUGGESTION: Polling Center


Mission 01 Orders (Casanova Returns)

Reconnoiter the area under stealth. Avoid the numerous patrols around known enemy locations. Then locate and secure Casanova, he was last seen near Hotel A. It is of the utmost importance he reach the safehouse (D) for questioning, otherwise (No Intel = No Hostages). Find out what he knows about the location of the girls.

We are inserting after lunch in broad daylight for two reasons - siesta time when most civilians are off the streets, and a rebel summit scheduled at the Enemy HQ. The majority should be inside the main building (smiley during our movements. The Extraction Point will be radioed in once you have completed the mission.

It is possible to sneak Casanova into the Safehouse without being detected. Be aware enemy forces may attempt to eliminate him should they be alarmed or take casualties. Any enemy or civilian deaths before you reach the extraction zone will trigger the alarm. Remember getting him out alive is our main mission.


9MS12 - Updated July 2010

Due to several issues with the previous version and recent patches, we decided to create a new build for this mod. Contains the full version of 9MS mod, plus any patches, fixes from the past.

You can delete 9MS11

Fixed various mission issues
M missions reduced enemy for small team play
HC missions for large team play or respawns
Added lot`s of training missions - ZeroAlpha
AD missions for alternate defends
Various typos fixed
New characters - female, sniper, spotter
New kit combos per character
Urban crunch map/mission added
MP1 Beach map relit, quick mission included
Various old files removed, folders cleaned

Spotter scope provided by Thales
Creator/Author: 9MS Tinker
Version: v1.2
Screenshot: Screenshot
Patch 1: Patch v1.2.e
File Size (MB): 100
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 19/01/21 09:19:53
Downloads: 6429
(15 Ratings) 
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Posted By pwn3rer on 01/10/08 09:22:04

Holy shit... looks AMAZING.

 Will download ASAP. Anyone know of a mirror other than Filefront... I get 15kbps tops from them.

Posted By ApexMods on 21/01/09 07:44:57

Amazing mod with a great campaign and tons and tons of new missions and game types for countless hours of additional top-notch gameplay! Another must-have for any serious Ghost Recon fan! Thanks to Tinker and team for keeping the Ghost Recon dream alive, yet again!

Posted By P@LaD!n on 25/02/09 00:17:17

Thanks for the amazing mod!

Posted By JACKSTONE33 on 13/06/10 18:19:12

hey man i have to say even a lot of stuff still 232 MB,So much maps and missions,great campaign!I tested it nice.Man everyone shall download

Posted By AEG_TwlHdKlr on 19/03/11 12:10:41

I tried playing this mod and it was started okay, but it was so lame that I wanted to stick a fork in my eyeballs.

Seriously, I uninstalled it and I couldn't get the stinging out of brain.  HELP ME, the pain is UNBEARABLE.

Do yourself a favor and quit while you're ahead, don't bother with this poor excuse of a mod.


Posted By on 06/06/11 09:58:32

uhmm why when i  have finished install it wont go into mine mod map??

this happened before by:Unreal recon-Briithis infartry mod-and some others.

can some1 just tell me what i may do wrong?????

Posted By TwlHdKlr on 01/09/11 01:05:19

Thanks for the heads up Saker my friend. The above post was not by me.

Posted By Saker on 01/09/11 01:26:18

No worries!

When I read it, I knew it didn't even sound like you....had to give you the heads up.

Posted By Stretch on 16/02/12 03:43:56

Only thing I hate about these custom-made campaigns is, that everyone use maps from original Ghost Recon missions. It really bothers me. Still, it's better than nothing, there being at least some user-made maps in them. Would be awesome if you'd make the whole campaign with your own maps (it takes more time, but the overall quality and enjoyment would be better).

P.S: Hope someone is still making these? It's a GREAT game. :p

Posted By Cork on 17/03/13 11:03:54

I was playing this game and my dick fell off. Help! should I re-install? I think it's a bug.

Posted By VeL on 26/04/13 03:59:44

This is one of the most challenging mods i've ever played. The AI is just amazing.

Posted By on 23/04/19 22:34:32

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