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Added: 11/04/08 04:32:28
Description: Alright, here's the alpha mod for the OGR gametype, which is based on the TDM gametype. What we have attempted to bring to GRAW2 is the feel of the original GR. There are numerous changes and the play is intense to say the least. Certain things that couldn't be accomplished were the inclusion of the "limp", binoculars, or sensors. Sensors weren't a big issue as most of the old school GR crowd hated them and didn't use them. Anyhow, again, here is the mod in it's present form. More maps will be added later, and some minor fixes as they are addressed. Any and all comments are welcome.

You will need to place the zip files as follows:

1. (place on your desktop)
2. ogr.bundle (place into your GRAW2/mods folder)
3. graw2_ogr.bat (place into your GRAW2 folder)
4. graw2_ogr_context.xml (place into your GRAW2 folder)
5. Ghost.ico (place into your GRAW2 folder)

Also, you will need to download and install the following map to your "custom_levels" folder of Graw 2. ***NOTE*** If you have any other bundles of the castle_day or grand_valley, such as the coops and such - they will work instead. Otherwise you will receive a CTD as they will conflict with these bundles. My version of these maps depend upon the other files included in their bundles to work. I felt this was a better solution than having their bundles and this mod CTD if existing within the GRAW2 program at the same time.

castle_day bundle link is required - LINK BELOW

grandvalley.bundle link is required - LINK BELOW

Once you have done all of this, simply double click the OGR icon on your desktop. You will only be able to play the OGR mod while this is running. Use your normal GRAW2 icon to play without the mod. (***NOTE*** There has been a problem for a couple of our Vista users because of Vista's UAC......if you have UAC running on Vista and can't get this to run, pm me and I'll let you know the work around. Although, you could simply turn of the UAC also.)

All classes will have a combination of multiple frags & smoke grenades (except the Demolition & Sniper class). The Demo class will only get Smoke grenades, while the sniper will simply receive one of each.

There are 15 maps so far that have the C4 plantable on just about everything, and those maps are:

Grand Valley
The Cut

The changes made in this mod are as follows:

1. Diamonds & Names removed from ingame screen.
2. C4 is plantable on just about everything. (Demolition & Support only)
3. The red "Hit" indicator within the weapon reticle has been removed.
4. All classes (except Demolition & Sniper) get a combination of frags & smoke grenades.
5. 4 random initial team spawn points.
6. Enemy markers appear on minimap.
7. Personal stats are reset each round.
8. Ghost & Rebel teams have unique uniforms.
9. Ghillie suits now availabe as a second Sniper kit.
10. RPG & M32 added to Demolition class.
11. Various minor weapon/damage tweaks to bring inline to the feel of GR.

Let me know if these implements are not working. Also, the Ghillie suit has it's limitations........for full scope to be operational you must be in the prone position. If standing or crouched, your vision is affected while using the rifle, although the pistol in zoom mode works - BUT has a very small field of vision. Actually, it's a pretty good trade off for being able to use the Ghillie suit. You will notice there are 2 sniper classes: one with the Ghillie, one you do have a choice of which uniform you want to wear.

This mod will be at it's best running it like GR - NO RESPAWNS. I hope you try this out, and most of all that you enjoy it.

PS: The game type will be listed as "ogr", and the map naming convention is as follows: (gametype)_(map name)_v1. For example, the ogr arroyo map version of this is: ogr_arroyo_v1.

Also, to give credit where credit is due: Thanks to Biro & Sgnly.P@po for their maps and permission to use, to GRIN Wolfsong for his help in increasing the GL arming distance, Brettzies for his modded uniforms, and Tinker in pointing me where to look to make the C4 plantable.

V1.5 Ghillie would detach itself from the body mesh Error fixed.
Creator/Author: BSR Vhladd
Version: v1.5
Requires: Castle Day ALSO Grand Valley
File Size (MB): 45
Last Download: 04/12/23 08:43:44
Downloads: 2462
(22 Ratings) 
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Posted By _22SAS_SniperFodder on 11/04/08 16:24:18

Cool, will give it a try :)

Posted By LP_[BK]Ombra*Sith* on 12/04/08 06:59:17

There is some server online where I can test this mod?

Posted By _22SAS_SniperFodder on 12/04/08 10:45:09

This is a good mod, played it last night and enjoyed it.... placed C4 and lured them near it Mahahahaha

Posted By BSR_Vhladd on 14/04/08 18:35:33

We have a server now running this iss called BSR WARZONE OGR Mod.  Come in and give it a shot Ombra "Sith".  Glad to hear you gave it a run and enjoyed it SniperFodder.  Cool

Posted By =[FiRe]= Seba on 15/04/08 10:32:07

Havent tested it yet, but sounds like this is what GRAW2 should have been from the beginning... :)

Posted By =LB=specter on 26/04/08 12:43:50

what am I doing wrong?  "Once you have done all of this, simply double click the OGR icon on your desktop"  Do I need the original ghost recon installed?

Posted By BSR_Vhladd on 26/04/08 20:36:55

No, you do not need the original GR to play this.  What kind of problems are you running into?  Let me know here or PM me.

Posted By on 21/06/08 13:47:22

HI. houw can i wapen mods douwen loads can tel my plz , rocekt launcer for bow the tank

Posted By pwn3rer on 08/09/08 10:21:25

Having slight probs when playing with a friend... I can play on our server (we set up a small dedi to try it), but when I do a host to a friend and he tries to connect it fails... (different mod). Both using Vista... could disabling the UAC help?

Posted By arnica on 01/12/08 03:39:59

Can we use this mod to play coop?

Posted By arnica on 01/12/08 03:52:52

I get the following errror: The procedure extry point NxCookFluidHardwareTriangles could not be located in the dynamic link library NxCooking.dll

When I double click on the OGR icon. 

Posted By nabill on 13/01/09 05:58:27

how can i download ghost recon game??


Posted By Dusts on 14/05/09 10:20:12

Awsome Mod, But only problem Where can we play it online?

Posted By Nezzar on 12/09/09 09:50:13

Sounds cool, but want to have a mod without these clases. I need a mod, where i can fit my equip by myself, like GR1 OGR. I hate to hav only a few way to equip my ghost. ;(

Posted By tim on 05/07/11 16:33:35

Followed your instructions, even have the neat little OGR icon on the desktop, but it only loads plain GRAW2 when I try to open it.

Posted By Fabio on 07/09/12 11:01:19

no me anda el graw

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Posted By swwqa on 23/04/19 07:14:41

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