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Brettzies GRAW2 Weapon Pack
Added: 22/07/07 17:44:51
Description: 12 July 2010 New version v3.02 released

v3.02 Additions
·Fixed god mode in SP campaign to "off."
·Increased Sig552 secondary to have 5 mags in stead of 3

9 July 2010 New version v3.01 released
v3.01 Additions
This is a small fix for a bug that switched the mk14 with the Mrc in MP games on the client side.

v3.0 Additions
Several weeks ago, Radiator released his BlackHawkDown misison for Graw2 which was incompatible with my weapons pack. Since I love the BlackHawk story, tragic as it is, I wanted my weapons to work with it. Radiator also did some excellent work organizing sound xmls to make it easy for modders to not conflict with each other’s custom sounds and also allow for easy expandability. With those two things in mind, I spent about a week cleaning up my pack which resulted in v2.07. I’m never really happy just releasing fixes like that, especially if they require a lot of work. Fixing up the pack was satisfying but I really want to update it with something worth downloading and had forgotten how fun Graw2 can be to mod, time consuming, but fun.

After using the Mk14 EBR in Modern Warfare 2 and seeing several failed attempts to get one legitimately into this game, I decided to go ahead and attempt one myself. Previously I had not liked the design of this weapon, but over time have come to think it looks really cool. It did seem like a very appropriate weapon for the Ghosts, and was actually in the xbox360 version of the game. Modeling the bolt action was a little tricky, and I did attempt to use normal mapping with this one, which slowed my progress, but I’m fairly happy with the end results. Textures, as always could be improved, but that’s never been my strong point or interest with so much else to worry about getting it to a working game state.

Marcinko suggested adding a shortdot scope, which wasn’t difficult to model, but took some time getting all of the bitmap icons for the SP campaign done. It also required adding many more kits to MP/Coop since it can be attached to not just the Mk14, but several of my other weapons as well. In the end, I think it was a good suggestion and makes the mod that much more complete.

Though I’m not sure many people are still playing this game, I hope the few that are can get some enjoyment out of these efforts. I know I’ve had lots of fun making it and I have to say thanks to all the people who have downloaded and used it over the years. The interest and support of even a few people, especially the community at, really make it worthwhile and encouraging to complete projects like this.


Mk14 Mod 0 EBR

This is the new weapon system added to the mod.

·20 round mag
·semi auto and full auto fire modes
·custom tweaked sounds
·suppressor attachment
·tactical grip
·multiple scope attachments

Shortdot CQB Scope

·new scope seen above available on most of my weapons

Multiplayer Kits

·added multiple sniper kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple assault kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple rifleman kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple aimpoint support kits to all modes except RvA
·added one recon Mk14 kit to RvA

·adjusted m4shotgun, l85a2, and sig552 anim sets to be “less” glitchy looking
·changed bullet texture to be Graw2 style instead of shiny Graw1 style
·made sig552 use m4 scope attachments to free up MP attachment slots

·acu Patch - acu style uniforms for the ghosts (OTS version included)
·ots Patch - provides 3rd person perspective
·bhd Patch - compatible with Radiator's BlackHawkDown mission

22 May 2010
As usual, this "addition" took much longer then expected and was pretty much unplanned in the first place. For some reason, adding this one weapon and scope took quite a bit of time. I did have a list of small fixes and changes that I made to the overall mod as well. The download is rather big because it includes both bundled and unbundled versions in it. I recommend trying the bundled one first as it is faster to load and easier to use with the patches provided. Instead of making a whole mod for OTS, I just included a small patch which can be applied to achieve the same result. I also included the ACU camo patch and BHD patch for Radiator's mission, since all the patches are relatively small.

Possible Solutions if the mod doesn't run:
1. if you have a local/english dir, try renaming or deleting it. (strange but sometimes works)

2. try the un-bundled version (usually works for people with issues)

3. if you're on vista, there's a method to delete xmb(complied game) files, which can cause problems:

>>> To clean out XMB files in Vista, go to your user folder, into
>>> AppData/Local/GRAW2 and kill all XMB files except those in the
>>> "settings" folder. Then it will recompile with whatever mod you are
>>> using.
>>> It usually works.
>>> Remember that to stop using the mod you may need to to the same
>>> thing again.

Creator/Author: Brettzies
Version: 3.02
Screenshot: Screenshot
Movie Format: Teaser Movie
File Size (MB): 220.4
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 27/01/23 23:31:29
Downloads: 37673
(230 Ratings) 
Tags: m4, mk.23, m4a1, m16a4,
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Posted By melovearmy on 06/12/09 16:45:41

Crash in application version: 29980.2562 Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.diesel Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Help me? this comes up right before the part that says who made the game comes up.

Posted By melovearmy on 06/12/09 16:45:41

Crash in application version: 29980.2562 Animation load error \data\anims\ghost\upper_body\m1014\upright\m1014_firemode_increase.diesel Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Help me? this comes up right before the part that says who made the game comes up.

Posted By LiL-CooKie on 08/12/09 14:06:00

Can anyone give me a tutorial on how to add it in the GRAW2 folder?

 Im new to this =/

Posted By Mille on 18/12/09 18:34:20

See this problem:


Crash in application version: 30899.3048data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit_name in type <void>SCRIPT STACK:    data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\campaignmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\campaignmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecampaign.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametype.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametype.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametype.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecampaign.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecampaign.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0)    data\level\level.dsf(0)Renderer: threadedPhysics : threadedPlease help me with this!!! I really need those weapons!!!!!

Posted By Mille on 18/12/09 22:05:05

Ok. I got what i want. But there is another problem! There is not enough servers to play in this mode!

New problem!!! I can't connect to servers in normal mod, allways one and same ALTERD FILES bla bla bla. So what now? Do I have to reinstall game or there is another more easier solution?

Weapons are great!!!! Just a pity that there are no more servers to play!!!!

Posted By installing for steam on 24/12/09 23:37:47

Hey i LOVE this mod but for some reason, my freind who got the game thru steam is unable to get the mod working, in the options screen it says v1.05 then the brettzies stuff, but he doesnt see the weapons PLEASE HELP!

Posted By NoName on 08/01/10 08:00:41

where should u install cuz i installed it in local and mods file but i cant find the launch for this mod or i doesnt work pls help

Posted By MadmanMac on 19/01/10 13:54:04

I am using Graw2 v105  I have successfully been able to use the rahmans coop mod so obviously I can install and use mods yet I cannot get this one to work.I have tried manually installing it as well as simply allowing it to simply unzip itself to its specified directories. Any advice would b appreciated as this looks like an impressive weps mod


Posted By MadmanMac on 19/01/10 14:01:33

Srry correction Iam using graw 2 1.5 

Posted By Cryhavok66 on 20/01/10 01:55:24

Thanks for the mod , really awesome , had some time trying to get it to work. But know im happy

Posted By Mikko on 12/02/10 21:24:39

could you do the this with U.S 3 color desert?


Posted By choice of weapons on 23/03/10 11:04:09

i have a question, and its probably been asked before....can anyone create a list of weapons like in GRAW 1 so we can pick what we want and not have to choose some stupid package.  dont you guys think that would be better?

Posted By Jef on 26/03/10 06:08:19

Hmm. lovely new weapons.... however, all the weapons now shoot stupidly high. Is there any way to realign the scopes n sights to shoot true again ?

Posted By chongyi on 17/04/10 03:30:02


Posted By faNta on 21/04/10 08:12:23

vi prego raga aiutatemi non riesco a  usare le mod mi spiegate come posso attivarle??..grazie rispondetemi al piu presto

Posted By Theonemoo on 23/05/10 12:30:52

Your animation choices could have been better... why have the SCAR animation for the armalites in this mod, when the 416 animations fit them much better? Also, the Sig552 could be much better with SCAR animations instead of Mp5... oh, and the animations you chose for the L85a2 were rather clever :)

Posted By Brettzies on 24/05/10 12:19:32

~~why have the SCAR animation for the armalites in this mod, when the 416 animations fit them much better?  Also, the Sig552 could be much better with SCAR animations instead of Mp5~~

Umm....mostly the GL I think, the SCAR GL is more like the m203.  Those two sets are almost identical and the ar15s were fit to match before GRAW2 came out, so there was no 416 set.  I tried to rematch them to the 416 sets a few times anyway and it was just a headache with no real benefit.  A lot of it has to do with the attachment sights.  The 416 have a strange bank on them too.  The only real gain I guess is the empty reload on the 416.  I could have just frankenstiened it together I suppose. Could have done that with the Sig too, but never really thought about it.

I chose the mp5 set for the sig552 because the ironsights match more closely.  This was also done before I started experimenting with mixing anim sets together.  In retrospect I suppose I could do all that but it can require rexporting the models, tweaking heights, reloading the game, crashing, reloading,'s a real pain.

In short, these anim sets are just hacked together with what's available, and what may appear to be a more appropriate set is not always the case...I've tried everything to find the best balance.  Believe me, if I could have just exported my own animations to the game, I would have done that instead.

Posted By Brettzies on 24/05/10 12:23:06

~~Works great for me. No problems whatsoever! Only one thing....: if I use the 3-shot burst, it doesn't realy work as a 3-shot burst. It fires 1 single shot and the sound isn't exactly what you would expect it to be.~~

This is another "hack."  If a weapon isn't suppose to have a burst mode, I set it to fire just once.  Even though there is a single/full auto mode in the game, there's a bug in MP that makes the weapon get stuck in full auto mode when most people like single fire mode.  To get around this, I set all single/full auto weapons to mode 5, which is single/burst/full auto, but defaults to single shot first.  This way people don't get stuck in full auto mode.  It was a community requests...not perferct, but it gets around the bug.

Posted By ghost recon fan on 25/05/10 19:17:08

yes! great job man!

one hell of a job!

only thing: why did you take out the aimpoint for many weapons in v3.0?

oh, another one: i like the grip better like in your first picture. the way he holds his rifle. is there a way to customize that?

as i said great job!

thanks for your eforts.

Posted By accessoires on 26/05/10 10:43:59

thank you for this. i love it. it made me reinstall the game.

are there going to be any further updates such as weapon accessoires like e.g. mag-lites or laser pointers?


super work you did there!

Posted By iron sights on 26/05/10 16:38:27

i love to pull out the iron sights but i am missing the frontside post. i only got that aiming assist which you mentioned in your readme pdf. is it intended that way?

other than that excellent job! really outstanding!

also i would love to see more from you especially future updates on this weapon pack like the guy above already mentioned some flash lights and laser pointers would be great on m4's and m16's. 

Posted By Brettzies on 26/05/10 23:51:40

~~only thing: why did you take out the aimpoint for many weapons in v3.0?~~

Not sure what you mean.  I don't think I removed it from anything that had it before.

As for ironsights.  They don't really work correctly on the m4/m16 because of the way "zooming" is handled.  It's animation based which I have no control over.  It just happens that the riser I stuck in for the optics makes the carry handle(ironsight) line up correctly, but not with the front post. Another "hack" unfortunately, and the handle is on the riser too, which is a bit hoaky as well, but not too horrible.  I left the aim assist in since it lined up too.

The ironsight on the Mk14 is non-functional, but you can equip one without an optic in the SP campaign.  I suppose I could have turned that off, but though someone might want to give it to an AI that way.

Some people have asked for flashlights and laser pointer gadgets.  They would just be cosmetic non-functioning things permanetly attached if I did it.

Posted By Husher on 27/05/10 16:33:20

yes, additional gadgets are non-functioning but damn cool looking in my opinion. ;o)

i also recognizied that in single player campain mode i cannot choose the aimpoint on m4's and m16's any more.

now that i have read your explaination concerning iron sights let me say that you solved that issue quite brilliant.

fantastic work you provide with this pack. thanks for making it!


Posted By Husher on 27/05/10 17:52:02

alright, my bad. i just saw that all the aimpoint still exist. sorry.

Posted By TAW_Ranger on 30/05/10 19:55:46

Trying to host the current version on a dedicated Duo-Core system. Can you send me some guidance, not having any luck for TDM maps.

Thanks in advance.

Posted By GhostMaverick on 02/06/10 03:32:35

Uhm.. help please.. do I need this to run the "Brettzies Weapon Pack OTS Edition" or is "Brettzies Weapon Pack OTS Edition" needed to run this? which is newer? this one or the OTS Edition? cause I am using the OTS Edition... and I am having a problem.. on Mission 'Welcome to Juares" my GRAW 2 crushes when I try to enter the bunker.. it says "Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\weapons\multigrenadeweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: player_data in type Renderer: normal Physics : threaded" help please... and again to the question which is newer/ or more updated? this one or the other one... thanks in advance...

Posted By Lord Dunshire on 03/06/10 16:17:53

I Get This Error Everytime I Try To Use Any Weapon Above 13,Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\managers\groupmanager.dsf(-1): No soldier template named "coop_sniper_7"

SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\groupmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\groupmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\guiscreens.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\guiscreens.dsf(0)

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By Graw Player on 06/06/10 11:26:55

Hello the mods works good because i have no new weapons

p.s sorry for my bad english

Posted By guest on 11/06/10 15:42:26

This doesn't work with 1.05, why? it's the latest version of the game and all...

Posted By Brettzies on 15/06/10 00:13:06

If you're having problems, trying using the un-bundled version or check out the thread in the forums for tips on problems.

Posted By Sazae13 on 19/06/10 05:02:17

It becomes MR-C Old if Mk14 is chosen by the arms selection of the campaign cope, and it falls when MR-C Old is chosen.

Posted By Player on 20/06/10 12:01:03

An excellent work, I found it very fun to try this new mod, and I recognize the good work done by all those who came to join. NICE WORK.

Posted By Brettzies on 08/07/10 21:03:29

----It becomes MR-C Old if Mk14 is chosen by the arms selection of the campaign cope, and it falls when MR-C Old is chosen. -----

I think I fixed this.  Putting out a new version tonight.  Was not aware of it until today.  The new version will be v3.01

Posted By Sazae13 on 08/07/10 23:33:14

Mr. Brettzies ThanksWe look forward to 3.01.And I apologize in machine translation difficult to understand.

Posted By Ragshnak on 11/07/10 10:02:39


Somehow this new version make you invulnerable in campaign coop...

Posted By Zee on 12/07/10 15:07:02

3.1 worked fine except the god mode bug. i installed 3.2 version and it fucked up my game totally. i get this error.: Custom level bundle bp_weapons_pack_v3_02_sound contains an invalid file path. I cant run mod or normal game. i get the same error.

Posted By Zee on 12/07/10 15:15:43

The same error happens with bundled or unbundled version. please fix this.

Posted By Ragshnak on 12/07/10 15:34:50

Wierd, i tried this earlier today and it works like a charm. sure that you have GRAW2 1.05 installed?

If you have both bundled and unbundled installed you should try delete one of them, if you run unbundled i think one solution for some is to delete the english archive... Hope that helps!

Posted By Ragshnak on 12/07/10 15:40:53

oh, also delete stuff from the old mod if there's anything left...


Posted By Zee on 12/07/10 16:19:16

Yep, i have 1.05. and i did already all that stuff u just told me... :) doesnt hellps.

Posted By Zee on 12/07/10 17:51:35

I just re installed the game. problem was i had 3.01 installed before 3.2. now i just installed 3.2 and it works great. good job :) i have one request also, i f u could make desert eagle it would be awesome :)

Posted By RSharpe on 25/07/10 16:34:57

Is the Shortdot actually variable? That's the whole reason for why the real steel version is so well received.

Posted By Gutterdog on 07/08/10 17:31:39

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: clear_all_weapon_slots_except in type <void>

SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\groupunit.dsf(0)

Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

After about 2.5 hours co-op on operation salazar.

Posted By CDRDrew on 16/08/10 21:06:16

Great weps in your download; works well for me on my 5 yr old system; however, how about a grenade launcher for the M468?

Posted By dingdingjoke on 25/08/10 11:18:58

Hey, this mod is just awesome. One thing, I and my friends had a lot of fun playing this mod on Lan. But it crashes mid game whenever one of us presses the switch fire mode button (z)we use the unbundled version of the mod.also, the SUSAT sight, the mark's a bit too low, you have put your mark on the enemy's chest in order to hit their head.

Posted By CDRDrew on 29/08/10 23:37:10

I found a problem with v3.02: none of my Ghosts have any items in their backpack, no Zeus or grenades; v2.05 does not have this problem.

Posted By AaronTRC on 18/09/10 16:47:47

Hye guys, im trying this patch right now because i have the same message come up on my screen when i try to start it up. So i hope this works!

Posted By Raven on 02/10/10 20:15:11

Thanks a ton man for your hard work, I'm enjoying the hell out of this mod.. Props to ya!

Posted By Ro55 on 03/10/10 16:41:29

Thank you for the mod, it's awesome. Very impressive work.

Posted By orange trigger on 15/10/10 13:52:07

I can not plant the c4

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