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Brettzies GRAW2 Weapon Pack
Added: 22/07/07 17:44:51
Description: 12 July 2010 New version v3.02 released

v3.02 Additions
·Fixed god mode in SP campaign to "off."
·Increased Sig552 secondary to have 5 mags in stead of 3

9 July 2010 New version v3.01 released
v3.01 Additions
This is a small fix for a bug that switched the mk14 with the Mrc in MP games on the client side.

v3.0 Additions
Several weeks ago, Radiator released his BlackHawkDown misison for Graw2 which was incompatible with my weapons pack. Since I love the BlackHawk story, tragic as it is, I wanted my weapons to work with it. Radiator also did some excellent work organizing sound xmls to make it easy for modders to not conflict with each other’s custom sounds and also allow for easy expandability. With those two things in mind, I spent about a week cleaning up my pack which resulted in v2.07. I’m never really happy just releasing fixes like that, especially if they require a lot of work. Fixing up the pack was satisfying but I really want to update it with something worth downloading and had forgotten how fun Graw2 can be to mod, time consuming, but fun.

After using the Mk14 EBR in Modern Warfare 2 and seeing several failed attempts to get one legitimately into this game, I decided to go ahead and attempt one myself. Previously I had not liked the design of this weapon, but over time have come to think it looks really cool. It did seem like a very appropriate weapon for the Ghosts, and was actually in the xbox360 version of the game. Modeling the bolt action was a little tricky, and I did attempt to use normal mapping with this one, which slowed my progress, but I’m fairly happy with the end results. Textures, as always could be improved, but that’s never been my strong point or interest with so much else to worry about getting it to a working game state.

Marcinko suggested adding a shortdot scope, which wasn’t difficult to model, but took some time getting all of the bitmap icons for the SP campaign done. It also required adding many more kits to MP/Coop since it can be attached to not just the Mk14, but several of my other weapons as well. In the end, I think it was a good suggestion and makes the mod that much more complete.

Though I’m not sure many people are still playing this game, I hope the few that are can get some enjoyment out of these efforts. I know I’ve had lots of fun making it and I have to say thanks to all the people who have downloaded and used it over the years. The interest and support of even a few people, especially the community at, really make it worthwhile and encouraging to complete projects like this.


Mk14 Mod 0 EBR

This is the new weapon system added to the mod.

·20 round mag
·semi auto and full auto fire modes
·custom tweaked sounds
·suppressor attachment
·tactical grip
·multiple scope attachments

Shortdot CQB Scope

·new scope seen above available on most of my weapons

Multiplayer Kits

·added multiple sniper kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple assault kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple rifleman kits to all modes except RvA
·added multiple aimpoint support kits to all modes except RvA
·added one recon Mk14 kit to RvA

·adjusted m4shotgun, l85a2, and sig552 anim sets to be “less” glitchy looking
·changed bullet texture to be Graw2 style instead of shiny Graw1 style
·made sig552 use m4 scope attachments to free up MP attachment slots

·acu Patch - acu style uniforms for the ghosts (OTS version included)
·ots Patch - provides 3rd person perspective
·bhd Patch - compatible with Radiator's BlackHawkDown mission

22 May 2010
As usual, this "addition" took much longer then expected and was pretty much unplanned in the first place. For some reason, adding this one weapon and scope took quite a bit of time. I did have a list of small fixes and changes that I made to the overall mod as well. The download is rather big because it includes both bundled and unbundled versions in it. I recommend trying the bundled one first as it is faster to load and easier to use with the patches provided. Instead of making a whole mod for OTS, I just included a small patch which can be applied to achieve the same result. I also included the ACU camo patch and BHD patch for Radiator's mission, since all the patches are relatively small.

Possible Solutions if the mod doesn't run:
1. if you have a local/english dir, try renaming or deleting it. (strange but sometimes works)

2. try the un-bundled version (usually works for people with issues)

3. if you're on vista, there's a method to delete xmb(complied game) files, which can cause problems:

>>> To clean out XMB files in Vista, go to your user folder, into
>>> AppData/Local/GRAW2 and kill all XMB files except those in the
>>> "settings" folder. Then it will recompile with whatever mod you are
>>> using.
>>> It usually works.
>>> Remember that to stop using the mod you may need to to the same
>>> thing again.

Creator/Author: Brettzies
Version: 3.02
Screenshot: Screenshot
Movie Format: Teaser Movie
File Size (MB): 220.4
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 27/01/23 23:31:29
Downloads: 37673
(230 Ratings) 
Tags: m4, mk.23, m4a1, m16a4,
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Posted By GT_dip on 24/07/07 09:40:41

Your comments plz !!!! this mod is ok or not ???

Posted By Razorhead on 24/07/07 15:30:31

Laughing It works fine....

Posted By Wingman on 27/07/07 00:16:28

does it work fine for the full game and not just the demo?

Posted By DaJokr on 27/07/07 15:59:15

Thats what I would like to know.

Posted By zZz on 07/08/07 21:33:50

It worked fine with the full version of graw 2 except my fps droped to 4-5fps, normally i got 30-40

hope you can fix that cause i love your mod

Posted By zZz on 08/08/07 07:52:42

ok seems the drop of fps was caused by the setting physics high :\ althoug it worked fine without the mod


Posted By =FTK[J]=FATAL1TY on 10/08/07 09:21:19

can u use the mod on all servers?

Posted By fis on 11/08/07 11:10:56

works great, except for the missing icons on the loadout screen.

Posted By Al-Cobra on 12/08/07 23:56:53

mod works great for me! I have not tried it on multiplayer but the M4 is REALY deadly compared to the otehr weapons, really fun, though. great work! The Mk23 is also a fantastic way to give somebody a case of the death at close range.

Posted By BEN on 16/08/07 22:37:20

i cant make it work i did exactly what you told me to and i get crash before one mission start yet!

Posted By cancerstick22 on 24/08/07 16:40:27

Afert the Brettzies GRAW2 Weapon Pack video starts up, my game crashes!   i was using the old version and that worked great. then i upated to v1.2 and i get this....


Crash in application version: 30132.2637data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(-1): states_menu_popup.xml state manager - Class Instance from address "MenuManager.MenuBasePopup" do not contain member "update_check_for_patch" specified in param "update"SCRIPT STACK:    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\menu\menu.dsf(0)Renderer: normalPhysics : threaded


just FYI i used the "english" method for installation.

any ideas? 

Posted By Wingman on 26/08/07 00:13:23

@cancerstick I get the same exact problem. The movie runs its course, and when it ends my game crashes everytime. I also changed the folder mod download to "english" like the previous version.I want that m468!Laughing

Posted By Wingman on 26/08/07 00:15:21

The previous version worked like a charm for me too. No problems.

Posted By Me on 27/08/07 20:50:54

Brettzies, you son of a b**ch you made it again, great work dude

Posted By JJ man on 02/09/07 06:07:17

Can i ask where should i store the files?

Posted By death merchant on 03/09/07 14:37:38

people then buy 512 gig vid card or 1 gigbyte good...Cool

Posted By tec9 on 04/09/07 08:55:06

your weapon mod works great for single player but it wont work during any MP games unless you create your own server game.I tried all servers and all I get is a message that says you have altered files and boots me back to main server screen. 

Posted By Rhexis on 05/09/07 12:53:40

I really enjoyed your mod in GRAW1 and it looks like youve continued a fine tradition in GRAW2. I do have a request to make of you. Would you consider creating an FN P90 for GRAW2? I am a pdw fanatic and thought the p90 was going to be included, only to find out that weapon was 360 only. And if you care to, an MP7 and an FN 5-7 would round off the pdw concept nicely.

P.S. a subcarbine AR for the smg class would really round off your current weapons family nicely.  

Posted By some dude on 09/09/07 16:19:47

i need help installing i extracted them to my local file and renamed bp_weapons_pack to english but idk wut i have to do next

Posted By SWAT 76 on 15/09/07 03:15:06

hey i have both games, GRAW and GRAW 2, but i was wondering if it can work on the first one as well, and if it can, what would be some of the bugs I could get during and after the instelation, because that looks like a kick ass mode and I am a BIG fan of the LWRC M4, I have the same, and let me tell you, the rifle rocks. I uderstand y u picked it!

Posted By OneKnight4aDID on 17/09/07 03:29:42

I get this too. Whats the deal and how do i fix it??

 Crash in application version: 30132.2637data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(-1): states_menu_popup.xml state manager - Class Instance from address "MenuManager.MenuBasePopup" do not contain member "update_check_for_patch" specified in param "update"SCRIPT STACK:    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\menumanager.dsf(0)    data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0)    data\menu\menu.dsf(0)Renderer: normalPhysics : threaded

Posted By Works nicely in SP on 25/09/07 19:24:30

It works well in Sp, however, keep in mind that if you remove the mod mid mission and try to load GRAW 2 without the mod installed to a saved game point, you will get a crash because the game cannot load the weapons that you were using for that particulat mission when the save game point was created and cannot reference them. Or at least that has been my experience. Now, if only I could find online games/servers that supported this mod as each time I play MP online, I have to remove the mod so I can play.

Posted By BEN on 26/09/07 06:11:31

ok nvm i got it to not crash my changing settings(not in game) and the mod rocks man keep it up brettzies!

Posted By solution to crashes on 26/09/07 08:09:30

u must change the settings you will see a green icon called NVIDIA ui hav to change it then it will work:)

Posted By solution to crashes *AKA BEN on 26/09/07 08:10:04

hi hope u dont get crashes anymore


Posted By cj.pxs.pv2 on 29/09/07 16:12:14

Absolutely brilliant mod matey.....keep them coming.Very professional. I like the movie before the game starts !!!100% GRAW 2 Mod................get it now !!!

Posted By aka rudeyouth on 07/10/07 19:24:10

can i use it in online play

Posted By qxp on 09/10/07 08:11:09

oaky, i changed my vid settings in game b4 i started the mod. almost everythin is set to high quality. i tested em nd those settings work fine for the original game. then i loaded up the mod and it crashes after the video. so, ive done wat some of u guys hav said and it still isnt workin for me. do i need to install a specific patch or wat?

Posted By qxp on 09/10/07 09:00:36

nvm, all i had to do was instal the patch

Posted By Kite on 12/10/07 16:11:04

Ok, those bugs. Will you please release a new version as soon you fix them?


Posted By KAN on 21/10/07 16:07:41

I wrote to the creator if this MOD, and he helped me a lot. For everyone here: make sure you have updated GRAW-2 to v1.04, and if the mod does not work yet, then write to him, because he can most surely solve your problems!

Thank you man, your MOD is simply wonderful (thereby I ask myself how could I play and finish the game without this!) !!!

Posted By MeltDown on 23/10/07 04:27:33

I had the same problem as Kan, but how u get 1.04 patch on GRAW demo coz i dunno how?!?!

Posted By KillJoy on 23/10/07 04:44:12

How come, Brettzies said he tryed it on the SP demo an it worked, but i tried it on the SP demo and it got the same crash as the others?????

Iv even got the 1.01 demo patch!?!?

Can some1 plz help me?

Posted By 1SFG-Jarhead on 24/10/07 00:53:56

Crash in application version: 30621.2989

 anyone else get this and know how to fix it?


data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: weapon_data in type <Unit>SCRIPT STACK:    data\lib\script_network\weapon.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\huskonfoot.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\types\beings\humanhusk.dsf(0)Renderer: threadedPhysics : threaded

Posted By KAN on 05/11/07 05:22:52

For the patch you can go to the official GRAW website and look for GRAW-2 v1.04 patch! Wink

There are surely other sites which host that update, but I do not know them, so you will eventually have to search for them, but it should be not so hard to find them, MeltDown. Cool

Posted By Akira.pwr on 20/11/07 17:12:56

Great job, you are a genius, l have a version 1.2, are there some patches or new versions? where can l find it?



Posted By Akira.pwr on 20/11/07 17:14:48

Ah, it work very good in the full game and online, not only with demo. wonderful.

Posted By Akira.pwr on 20/11/07 17:21:56

Hey, why you dont add some smg (P90, MP7 etc..) or some shotgun? expecially as second weapon....

Think of it..



Posted By kean on 24/11/07 06:23:08

can anyone tell me how to fix an this error---> "altered files are not permitted for cheating" or something like that, pls. contact me at i have a graw 2

Posted By Akira.pwr on 02/12/07 15:24:08

It happen when you enter online in a server without the same mod, you can play online creating a your own server.  l think.

Posted By Onder on 28/12/07 10:03:55

where to put the file?

Posted By john on 31/12/07 14:41:58

i got the same results as kan

why does the game crash after the movie? can you help

Posted By Onder on 13/01/08 00:30:50

can somone tell me how it install im confused add me on xfire Kurd82



Posted By A.I ARMOR on 13/01/08 19:42:32

Crashes for me as well in MP coop after about 5 minutes.


Crash in application version: 30621.2989data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: weapon_data in type <Unit>SCRIPT STACK:    data\lib\script_network\weapon.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\huskonfoot.dsf(0)    data\lib\units\types\beings\humanhusk.dsf(0)Renderer: normalPhysics : threaded


Any fixes?? 

Posted By KAN on 15/01/08 12:28:22

@john: it seems that you did not update your game... I had the same error when using GRAW-2 version 1.00 and not the v.1.02. Make sure your game is updated!


Posted By on 19/01/08 18:21:01

I Have a problem with this Mod. Every time, a player choose demolitionist class 18 or 19, my created server breaks down and i got an errormessage.
almost the same message like A.I ARMOR. At least, we didn't try all of the demolitionist classes. but with class 18 and 19, chrashes the server instantly.

Posted By GMarine on 26/01/08 21:08:19

I think that when i choose from Sniper clas some silenced weapons everybody except me can listen the sound not silenced.The enemy too!!

Posted By guest on 09/02/08 12:10:40

Does this mod work with the Magpul Masada mod?

Posted By -SSEP-Para on 10/02/08 04:02:30

Great Work!!! Nice weapons, nice characters!!!

Posted By pestbeule on 12/02/08 12:24:37

hi. iget this error 

Crash in application version: 30621.2989 data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf-1: cant find member: _unit_name in type void SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.ds0 data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.d0 data\lib\managers\instancedescriptionmanager.dsf0 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecampaign.dsf data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf data\lib\setups\setup.dsf data\level\level.dsf Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded

before that, there where some STACK: PyhsX errors Ive got the v4 patch installed any suggestions?

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