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HX5: Red Sun
Added: 08/01/05 14:02:52
Description: One of the largest, most ambitious Ghost Recon mods ever put together. The content list gives an indication of the size of the mod, which includes 10 brand new maps, a 7 mission campaign, and some brand new innovations you have never seen in a Ghost Recon mod before! The package even includes a new modders toolkit offering never-seen-before tools for modders that bring a whole new range of possiblities to the modding community.

HX5 Features:

# 10 new maps
# a complete 8 mission single player campaign on 7 new maps loaded with new vehicles and actors
# over 200 unique weapons, distributed among 10 soldier classes and 20 kit restrictions
# support for 100% un-modified GR kit restricts and stats, for squad practice without mods
# support for your squads own custom kit restriction
# 50 new actors, including 30 new mp player skins
# 550+ hx5 kits with an additional 400+ arcade kits
# a 4-platoon international kits restriction with unique weapons in each platoon
# 40 new MP map configurations for team games, including 8 day/night conversions of original maps
# 8 new coop game types: assault, rambo, demo run, firefight 85 & 200, interrogation, pow rescue, recon hx
# 3 new solo games: behemoth hx, DeathMatch (yep pick up weapons in gr), and riot
# 4 new team games: Capture the Flag!, siege hx, pow rescue, riot
# 3 25-player coop games where you play as 1 team: defend, demo run, assault
# over 30 additional coop missions including some that feature riding vehicles online in MP
# 20 scripted defend missions -- 10x harder then the defend game type
# 15 armor battle team-missions
# server control scripts for new maps, cqb, and urban map rotation
# command map grids for every GR map, synced to mortar rangefinder
# new music, videos, and sound effects

The Campaign

HX5 features a fictional 8-mission campaign that takes place north of Iraq, in the region known as Kurdistan. The Ghosts will visit many exotic locations, meet the locals, defend some of them, and kill the rest. The terrorists are everywhere and in great numbers throughout Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kurdistan, and Turkey. These missions feature teamwork, stealth, and plenty of interaction with vehicles in new ways on new maps. Some of these missions are bandwidth dependant -- however, you should be able to get by on recruit with DSL or cable modem. Be warned -- these are not easy missions, and they each feature numerous random scenarios so it will be very unlikely you will experience the exact same challenge each time you play.

The year is 2010.
NATO has collapsed
Terrorist cells have united worldwide to form the New Axis
The USSR has been restored under a hard-line dictator
The European Union, led by Germany, holds its ground in the face of the revival of the Cold War
The UK and Commonwealth nations have joined forces in a unilateral stance against the EU and USSR.
The United States now stands alone
A new terrorist world order threatens to shatter world peace
Your mission awaits – HX5 Codename: Red Sun
Creator/Author: DRAG Modworks
Version: 1.0
Documentation: Here
File Size (Kb): 115000kb
Authors website: Here
MAC: Download Mac Version Here
Requires: Desert Siege, Island Thunder
Last Download: 17/07/24 17:06:29
Downloads: 18087
(50 Ratings) 
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Posted By finnishplayer on 15/03/07 18:27:50

The game always jumps to windows when I click play :(

Posted By finnishplayer on 15/03/07 18:28:41

And, yes. The version is 1.4.

Posted By DT on 25/12/07 00:55:17

9000 downloads and only one comment? Come on guys!!

Posted By Sirio on 18/01/08 02:20:00

I am a new GR italian palyer and ... it is impossible to have the danger indicator on screen?

Posted By Wink Jr. on 27/01/08 00:35:55

This campaign is a bitch.  You are coming in on helicopter and no matter what you do, they shoot your ass down, and if you survive the crash, unseen snipers pick you off.  I play GR for fun, not to get annoyed and aggravated.  And if I try to restart, it crashes. Any kind of reload crashed.  Avoid if you are looking for fun and not to be very very irritated (and I am a very patient sort of person.)

Posted By Wink Jr. on 27/01/08 00:51:41

Dear DT,

The lack of comments no likely stems from these facts:

1. Any attempt to reload, etc. crashes.

2. The first mission kills half or more of your team off immediately and leaves you stranded being picked off by unseen enemies.

3. It is UNREALISTIC!  No helo infill (note to modders: "infill" is spelled with two "l"s, like work "fill", get it? - anyway, no way a helo would fly into a situation where several dozen targets are shooting, including at least 3-4 with obvious anti-aircraft weapons.  They would pull out immediately and chose a different insertion location and / or time / place.  WWII taught the U.S. military that going ahead with an "invasion" (infill) plan like Omaha Beach on D-Day is just slaughter - better to pull out and wait for a better time/place.  Training men for months or years to just let them be slaughtered is stupid.  Anyway, this mod sucks.  It crashes, it is unrealistic, and impossibly difficult. I wish there was a -1 rating.

Posted By d on 29/04/08 06:01:21

 ghost recon and mod still kick ass over cod4 or any other so far

Posted By Roy on 28/07/08 16:44:10

This mod is good, but it sux bcuz they didnt add All the weapon skins. losers.

Posted By CGO Dakota_kid on 13/10/08 00:19:44

the mod was designed as a MULTIPLAYER MOD to do things  GR wasnt intended to do...IE the motorcycles......bein in the helo on insert.

Posted By GR roX on 12/11/08 03:47:16

i wish i could play this mod!!!!!!!Cry {not on dest siege and island thunder}

Posted By coolman on 16/05/09 10:01:07

why wont it let me download it? it will go to save file and i click on that but it wont open up so i can install it.:(


Posted By wobbi on 30/05/09 12:03:22

downloads, installs after you add the dot exe entension to the file name but oops theres a problem when u go to run it report to windows yes no.  about 15 other mods work just fine on my up to date win xp machine.  any help?

Posted By thiagoandre on 09/10/09 21:18:53

in a 10-scale i will give 9. The lost one point is due to the sizeTongueout

Posted By Metalnat on 21/02/10 17:05:24

@ Wink Jr


I so feel you brother. 


This mod could of been one of the best too, because of it's original concept. 

Too bad there are some major errors  in it.

Posted By Metalnat on 21/02/10 23:39:55



Not only this mod contains major flaws errors but it also fucks up other mods that are activated at the same time.


Hell, you can't even add any sort of vehicles in any of the missions when this mod is activated. IN fact, you can't even add any sort of vehicles/actors in the orginal Ghost Recon's missions files  when this mod is activated. It just won't work. Nothing will appear at all as if you've never configured those mission files.


It's really a petty.


People, you DO NOT download this mod. Well, it's definitely not recommended. Too much major flaws.  Great intro and concept though. But meh.....

Too much unnecessary bugs.

Posted By cozzielex on 06/07/10 13:00:01

I see it was posted a long time ago, but I was very irritated with the comments of Wink Jr, especially his being so pedantic as how to spell "Infil".

Firstly, there is no such word, so a slang usage of it can be spelt in whatever way one chooses; and secondly, even if there was such a formal word which would require a correct spelling, it would have only ONE 'L' since it is a contraction of infiltrate which has ONE L.

I post this as a Ph.D in English literature from Cambridge (not Mass.) and to put this more simply, 'stop being such a Jerk!'.

Posted By gr on 12/09/10 03:43:16

can some one upload the blood mod

Posted By meh on 01/10/10 10:57:02

meh. crashes all the time.

Posted By =CMF=ImLonesome on 29/12/10 21:42:25

Ide like to see anyone, thats ANYONE, who posted here as to the negative aspects of the HX5 Redsun mod, come up with something of their own. Something original, with no flaws, worked on for months. C'mon...lets see it. No? Allright then. Ive been using this mod now for 2 or more years, with no problems. Ive got the shrikezone mods DF3 and DF4, DA49, SilentKiller mods, navy seals, BoBs Mappack, SOAF mods, Centcom, bloodoil, etc....they all run fine together. Maybe the posters with issues are running some hack scripts that are the source of interference. Harntrox(in case you didnt know it , is the creator of this mod). Maybe you can track him down, and ask him for help. ANd no, some of the missions and maps are REAL tough, get over it, dont play 'em, there are others. But most are do-able with some practice. Come play GR some time, use X-Fire, there are always a few people playing every night. Yes, its a game that has faded out of glory, but its still fun.

Posted By Pink Floyd Addict on 27/01/12 13:10:52

Hey you ! Coolman, I have the same problem but I change de Date of my Pc and now Im downloading it, dont get in without a fight... Bye

Posted By whatever on 09/02/12 19:30:14

@ =CMF=ImLonesome Ahhhc ome on now shut it up, who are you to tell people not to complain about the so called biggest mod ever that is flawed! Where is YOUR mod?

Posted By KornFacce on 17/03/13 10:54:24

What the hell is a doctor doing playing Ghost Recon? I'd be out driving my mercedes and/or bangin whores on my yacht!

Posted By Martin on 17/03/13 11:19:08

Shut the F UP, KORNFACE! Why don't you put your clothes back on and eat a salad!

Posted By Doc. Caliban on 14/05/13 00:20:11

This was probably my favorite comment so far:

       Note to modders: "infill" is spelled with two "l"s, like work "fill", get it?

Yeah .... except "infil" is short for "infiltrate" ... a fact that apparently the modders do get, and the poster of that comment does not.


Posted By on 03/07/13 09:42:26

Ghost Recon Downloads Ghost Recon Mods - Total Conversion HX5: Red Sun

Posted By pok on 03/12/13 14:30:36


Posted By Anonymous on 07/07/15 20:39:15

I dont see why everyone thinks that this mod sucks... it doesnt crash on mine, it doesnt have any bugs, and the campaign is not that hard on my computer! HX5: Redsun is great in my opinion because it has over 100 kits on rifleman, support, sniper and demo. Admit it, deep down, you probably think that this mod is cool, especially that it has been worked on very hard. Yes there is some hard missions to pass, SO WHAT? move on to the next one or if you're in the campaign, type in the command console, "autowin" to skip it. Maybe it's just that my computer is up to date and your computers are probably about 10 years of age. no offence just saying...

Posted By Colt0_0 on 24/01/20 10:40:28

best mod for GR back in 2005 and 2019 ! the devs should make more mods like this one

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