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Added: 06/12/04 00:22:45
Description: More than just a new campaign, this is a full Expansion Pack, featuring a massive 12 brand new and beautiful maps as well as a full Campaign, new weapons, new camo and new vehicles. We had no hesitation in awarding this remarkable fan made expansion pack 10/10 in our review. This pack goes to prove what Jack57 started - that fans really can put out mods that not only rival Official missions, but exceed them on several fronts.


Frostbite features an eight-mission story related single-player campaign. The ghosts travel to the far reaches of the North to battle communism once again in an epic struggle between good and evil.



* AG3
* AG3 with a scope mount
* AG3 with a HK79 grenade launcher
* AG3 with a HK79 grenade launcher and a scope mount
* Bofors AK5D
* HK G36
* HK G36-SBS
* HK MSG-90
* FN P90



Two-man snowmobile with 5 variants. Red and white for both night and day missions. A special model was constructed to ride in deep snow.

Two variants of the M113 armored personnel carrier in Norwegian camouflage schemes. It has a crew of five including the driver.

A covered M35 truck.

Two variants of a cargo truck


* New winter camouflage for the Ghosts.
* New models and skins for the Russian forces.
* New models and skins for the Norwegian forces.
* New specialist skins.
* Multi-player support for four different teams. Teams featured are USA, Norway, Canada, and Russia.


* RADAR BASE - Neutron
* SHIP - Neutron
* BLUE GHOST - Sleeper
* THE KEEP - El Oso
* AIRFIELD - Neutron
* FBMP – THE SHIP - Neutron
* FBMP – BUNKERS - Neutron
* FBMP – THE FORT - Mike Schell
* FBMP – SLOPES - Neutron
Creator/Author: Frostbite team
Version: 1.2
Screenshot: Screenshot
Documentation: Frostbite page
File Size (Kb): 237600
Authors website: El Oso
File Review: Review by Rocky
Patch 1: Patch 1.3
MAC: Download Mac Version Here
Requires: Desert Siege, Island Thunder
Last Download: 24/06/22 14:05:08
Downloads: 27378
(1279 Ratings) 
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Posted By 4ceReconSniper on 12/08/05 00:58:57

Who says only UBI/RSE can make an expansion for our all time game? For all those who say YES you are very wrong. I downloaded this mod played it, it felt I have a new expansion for GR. What is new in this unofficial expansion is the (warning spoiler) assasination mission. The rest you check it out yourselves. I recommend this mod to all players newbie or not, hardcore or not, modder or not. I gave it a 10

Posted By Militia Man on 15/08/05 17:59:31

This Mod certainly has the most excellent work I have ever seen put in. I am amazed at the amount of work the modders have put in to it without pay. The new maps are second to none. I highly recommend this work to any who love Ghost Recon.

Posted By djbest1973 on 20/08/05 17:41:13

I downloaded this mod a short time ago, and I love it for the great detail and work that has been painstakingly placed into this mod. I can tell that this the making of this mod was taken very seriously, and to the maker of this mod, THANK YOU!!!

Posted By Avey on 06/09/05 10:31:18

A great mod, without a doubt. Had a blast playing through this the day it came out, and still do even now. Only gripe (and this is not the mod developers fault) is that it never became the third expansion pack we most sorely wanted. More servers running it would help IMHO!

Posted By prvjaygo on 12/10/05 12:44:46

i would like to post this, i have to downloaded the mod and i play this with a few friends online we all love the new weppons and stuff, i would like to say to the creators this gives me great pleasure in playing this game as we and i was getting as bit bored of the old gost recon maps and stuff i would give this a nine out of ten for the reson i miss the first aid packs maybe or the a first aid person to be added to this game (excelent work to all involved) ps and i would like to say it good not to have the enemy indicator for warning you it keeps us on our toes byeeeeeeeee

Posted By smeghead on 18/03/06 15:19:49

this a fantastic mod - thanks those responsible for creeating another expansion set for this great game!

Posted By Foxtrot360 on 01/05/07 16:50:43

I agree with Avey, as with most other "Unofficial Expansion Packs", (Centcom, YOTM, War Of Infamy etc.) it just isnt hosted enough for what it gives players, instead they run crap like DA49.


Anyway, this is an amazing mod and worth every last piece of bandwidth you have! 

Posted By kAFOOKI on 04/05/07 07:12:53

I Think FoxTrot360 Is Right

Posted By U49 on 08/06/07 13:00:45

Cool Good job

Posted By Wolf on 19/08/07 18:51:09

Do we have to have an account on file planet for frostbite?

Posted By krust on 02/01/08 12:03:33

tehe best mod ever whit new map, new weapons and new skins a total conversion excelent jod about another mod?

Posted By wooster27 on 23/03/08 10:35:32

I have just D/L Frostbite the patch. It installed ok,but when I start it up I can only get as far as the team selection menu, and then some of the team members cause a crash when I click on them . I have tried doing an Auto Select and this seems to be ok .But as soon as I click on START I crash to the "GR has encountered an error" screen. Any suggestions please. ???

Posted By wooster27 on 23/03/08 10:40:05

The above comment should read "Frostbite plus the patch"


Posted By mark forrest on 28/05/08 19:18:28

how do you beat the assassination mission?

Posted By ApexMods on 21/01/09 08:08:46

Fantastic mod and a unique milestone in Ghost Recon's history! Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing piece of art! Frostbite will - just as Ghost Recon - never leave my hard drive!

Posted By moi20503618 on 16/02/09 03:15:19

TO mark forrest:

U WILL BEAT THE MISSION by sniping (spiner) the guy who rides in the truck. he is in the middle

so you must equip your ghost with a good sniper rifle. the convoy will move so you must finish him off with the time given.

 also some soldiers will be shooting at you while you shoot your main target so you can shoot them also but as long as you finish the "general" you will have a mission accomplished.

I have finished this mod after playing for about 72 hours. i mean, this mod is great but it always hangs 90% of the time. especially when i fire a bazooka to a tank, my computer hangs  but becauase this is a damn good mod (check out the ending scence very nicely done) i keep on playing it until i finished the whole campaign. the hang is not a joke, usually the normal hang will bring me back to the DESKTOP but it actually reboots my computer so it is really a pain but hey, i still keep my patience and played it yeah.!!!!! nice work frostbite GUYS. thanks for this kick ass mod.


Posted By fleshtheworld on 26/07/09 22:50:40

A few times, the enemy and my teamates just walked really closed to each other and didnt see each other in broad daylight in the snow and i watched them getting closer and closer and i was like... this is deifnatly a game gone wrong. Frostbit is nice, but it is appearently buggy. Unless it is the origianl game itself.


Can i use old outfits and guns from the original while having Frostbite acvtivated? Having snow suite in swamp and such levels is whack.

Posted By fleshtheworld on 26/07/09 22:55:10

Also i would like to know, when mods add additonal stuff, do they / if they replace the origianl or if not, are the OG still selectable?

I played the original on ps2 years ago but just got PC version few days ago am just begining to learn how all this works.

Posted By fleshtheworld on 27/07/09 22:32:01

No need to answer, found the stuff i was looking for.

Posted By Gastón (From Uruguay) on 08/12/09 06:58:25

Excelent Game, it is better yet, if you download also the file "Winter Wonderland".


One thousand of "Congratulations".


That's the best unnoficial mod i ever seen.

Posted By KingOfTheNorth on 22/12/09 07:22:18

Thanks for a really great mod, easily a 10/10 except for geological/historical flaws such as no trees/castles on the real Spitzbergen. But it makes the mod more 'exotic' imho.

However, the Frostbite weapons don't show up in multiplayer (LAN). Anyone know how to solve this?

Posted By Metalnat on 25/01/10 01:08:36

Where to begin! I seriously can't stop thanking you people enough to take your time at making great GREAT mods just for us so that we can have fun! I love you guys to death and please! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Thank you so much!


It's 2010 and yet, Ghost Recon still lives on!! Hell, i actually enjoy playing the orignial first ghost recon more than the new ones.( Thanks for those great mods )  Such as "GRAW\GRAW2". Pffff...


Run and gun games without using your mind. It's actually impossible to get scared shitless to be shot out of nowhere in those new GR games. This is how unrealistic are the new GR compared to the old one. 



Thanks for the great work to boost GReven furthe!! Love ya! 

Posted By spacemonkey2001 on 09/07/10 11:11:19

just finished playing the campaign and really enjoyed it

it looks good and plays really well

a big thank you to all involved

Posted By yellowfellow on 12/07/10 12:27:22

Great mod, great expansion, great ambience!

With the soundtrack of Sergei Prokiev - Dance of the knights.


Posted By Anonymouse on 12/08/10 06:56:28


Posted By Bad Apple on 27/08/10 23:09:23

Pretty Good. the Maps were excellent and the gameplay fun. it had three problems though

1. In many missions I had to run around alot, which is boring

2. Also, in many mission I had to bring along an anti tank guy, just for the tanks, which didn't seem to add anything, except for the fact I had to bring along a very noisy demo expert.

3-just minor, I was playing the castle mission, and two snow mobiles (Which I Absolutly Loved!!!!!) pulled up, but one had no one on it. (Spooky)

but over all a very good mod.

Posted By yellowfellow on 01/09/10 08:35:54

Where can I find the original soundtracks?


Posted By Goettschwan on 10/10/11 05:14:12

Hey, the patch link seems to be down. Hopefully somebody can fix this :)

Posted By saadelmourabit on 11/01/12 08:46:54

hey it's 2012 and GR stil alive! new army games suck compared to this fantastic masterpiece, btw i 'd like to know the names of the soundtracks in frostbite campaign, plz answer

Posted By GR 2012 on 30/04/12 14:17:05

@saadelmourabit: The Frostbite music was mostly taken from the "Bram Stoker's Dracula" movie soundtrack. And yes, I'm glad original GR lives on to kick those dumbed down modern console shooters teeth in!

Posted By Teh Old FPS on 02/05/12 13:20:26

@GR 2012

I completeley agree the real gamers should play games from 1990 to 2005 games... they made with the orginal realistic gameplay and game feeling

Those moders shooters is RUN AND SHOOT....Thumbs up to GR1... this gameplay 100000 times more realistic...GR1 FOR LIFE!

Posted By Derp on 23/08/12 16:36:08

The download links are broken, fix them and i won't rate this a 1.

Posted By ExT on 09/02/13 11:35:38

No threat indicator? considering the superhuman enemy accuracy and teammate blindness that's a big let down. Modders: Add new features and do not just erase the good ones

Posted By sniper on 23/02/13 06:04:02

I get an error message when I go to install it, as I do to run the game now?

Posted By on 20/03/13 00:04:24

I like this! thanks for share

Posted By kRIS on 23/05/13 11:15:44

after third mission,i have a appcrash.WTF???????????HELP!

Posted By kRIS on 24/05/13 05:30:17


Posted By ursinator2.0 on 08/11/13 11:30:42

Hi, thnx for this!!! Wink

This is the 1st mod i ever tried, just begun the 3rd mission (stunning idea to fight the enemy from large distance only). GR is my favourite game still in 2013 and i played the original missions hundreds of times. Nothing compares to this great mixture between tactics and shooter. I learned about the existence of such mods when Tom Glancy had died (RIP). You really made my dreams come true, new landscapes to walk through, new challenges. I am absolute curious on what there will come next. It was also nice to find out that there is still a lot of fans out there, who also like this game still today, hello!


(I use the german version of GR and the mod works anyway. Till now i hadn't experienced any issue. No patch installed.)

Posted By tom on 14/11/13 15:21:07

do I do Desert Siege, Island Thunder , frostbite OR Island Thunder , desert siege , frostbite ?

Posted By Martin on 09/06/18 07:32:12

Doesn't work, there is some installer instead of archive provided, as well, this installer just drops out some completely random error. I know this game is old, but is there a fix?

Posted By Martin on 09/06/18 07:36:36

I found a working installer on forums, but it seems pretty fishy. Hopefully it doesn't affect my game, due to the fact that it's not an archive, so I don't even have any idea if it doesn't overwrite something lol

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