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Bloom Effects and more
Added: 04/08/12 16:54:23
Description: (I know there is already another ENB thread here on the forums, but I didn't want to bump it since this one will cover a very different version)

Most of you may know the ENB mod for GR we have on the download section (Bloom Mod), last night I've spent a lot of time experimenting with a DirectX 9 version of it, trying to make it work. (Ghost Recon uses DirectX 8)

This version uses a DirectX8 to DirecX9 convertor, which enables DX9 post processing effects on DX8 games. I've experimented a lot with all the settings, and I was able to come up with a few (good looking, may I say) effects.

1.A decent bloom:
Some people like really strong bloom effects, almost blinding ones that makes the sky white with light, I don't like it, so I've made it really soft and easier on the eyes, it actually looks good and it doesn't obstruct the field of view and makes enemy spotting harder. (This effect was absolutely doable on the DX8 version, but on DX9 it looks smoother and less "artificial")

2. Color Correction and Eye adaptation:
I liked this one, the colors look great and the eye adaptation is a nice touch. Just sometimes it looks too saturated, but it can be changed.

3. Motion Blur:
I don't know about this one yet. It works great, the frame rate impact is minimal (even on my Intel graphics card), but I don't know if it's too distracting. But it's interesting to be running for cover while everything is blurred. (I've tried to make it noticeable but still subtle)

Frame rate wise, it runs really smooth on my pc with onboard intel graphics.
Occlusion doesn't work, I'm not sure about shadow, it does make some difference but I don't know how much.

By default the Anisotropic Filtering is set to 16x. Also I was able to make Depth of Field work, but without motion blur. I won't share it since I haven't found a proper configuration of the parameters (and also because DOF will make the game really hard to play. You can't be near-sighted to shoot a gun ;b) (But maybe it will look good for recording movies, so I'll mess around with it and if I achieve any good results I will post it.)

Just extract it to your main GR folder, and then start the game. To activate the effect press SHIFT+F12.

To edit the configuration for INJFX just open the FXAA_Tool.exe

credits fort the FXAA injector at the fxaa_readme.txt.

ENBSeries is the project of graphic modifications for multiple games. Donateware.

Description of ENBSeries on the web page may not be equal to version in downloaded mod

archive (installer).

ENBSeries DX8 to DX9 Convertor v0.014 beta

WARNING! this is convertor of DirectX8 to DirectX9 rendering functions, not the

modification, no new effects. You must configure it for use with any d3d9 based

mod from ENBSeries. This convertor is not complete, a lot of bugs, mostly memory

leaks, not all games working with it, ALT+TAB not supported, but in general all

of these not related to gameplay or saving games, but better to make a copy of

your save games before runing this convertor.

Do not notify me that it does not work, use it on your own risk.

Seems it works good with No One Lives Forever 2, Mafia.

It not works currently with Silent Hill, Unreal Tournament 2004, GTA Vice City, GTA 3.


Mod may work incorrect with some versions of the games, impossible to test it for every game patch and for already modded games. Some types of installed game modifications may conflict with ENBSeries.


Extract files from archive in to the game directory or where game execution file exist (.exe). For some games it is in the directories named system, bin, bin32. Warning, some games needs root game directory for mod even if .exe file is not there.



EnableProxyLibrary=(0,1) load 3rd party library by the mod at game start. Helps to solve problem with multiple d3d9.dll files.

InitProxyFunctions=(0,1) connect to functions of 3rd party library.

ProxyLibrary=(filename) file name of 3rd party library.


If on Your opinion ENBSeries project must continue to live or simply it was useful for yourself, i'll be grateful for sponsoring project (or donation).

Copyright (c) 2007-2012 Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)

Creator/Author: Boris Vorontsov and pmartin
Version: v1.0
Movie Clip:
Discussion Link:
Last Download: 20/09/21 13:46:36
Downloads: 7381
(417 Ratings) 
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Posted By Blame on 05/08/12 04:58:18

Adds only blur, doesn't make it look more realistic to me.

Posted By T3CH_D0M on 05/09/15 11:39:47

Awesome :-D

Posted By T3CH_D0M on 05/09/15 11:40:43

By the way, I had the screen flickering problem, and added the 3 dx8(9).dll's to the root dir, and voila, worked great!

Posted By Papa6 on 14/10/15 03:04:56

This mod works to make GR work perfectly with Windows 10. download and put all files and the FXAA folder into the GR folder

Posted By Chris on 17/04/16 01:07:08

I tried putting this modification into my Ghost Recon folder, and i launch the application but it doesnt work. Am i supposed to extract the files for the archive or the actual file in the directory? I press Shift F12 and i doesnt do anything. Any help is appreciated. Tnx

Posted By on 20/12/18 21:48:51

sb6zDc Thanks a lot for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

Posted By on 20/12/18 21:48:52

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Posted By Me on 24/02/20 13:41:47

Think the ENBSeries mod is not all that great. Certainly with Windows 10 and updated graphics drivers it is quite bad. With that I also never really got that 32-bit z-buffer thing and my guess is that the ENB driver is not capable of doing 32-bit z-buffer. For those that still come here to get this thing here the solution: 1., download dgVoodoo 2 (2.63 or later) 2. Extract and in the .\MS\x86 folder you will find D3D8.dll that must be copied to the GR1 game installation folder (GR1 is a DirectX 8 game, so this should be enough) 3. In the .\ folder you will find dgVoodooCpl.exe. Run this application 4. Click the Add button and browse to the folder where GR1 is installed 5. Select the DirectX tab; most can be left alone, but do uncheck the 'dgVoodoo Watermark'...and if comfortable play around with the settings. Click should find dgVoodoo.conf in the folder where GR1 is installed. 6. Run should be able to run the game and the 32-bit z-buffer should be selectable (based on graphics adapter if true).

Posted By on 22/08/21 11:37:36

Posted By on 05/09/21 03:52:08

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