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Claiming Liberty
Added: 13/11/11 11:07:37
Description: 3 July 2012 Version 1.4 has been released.

:::::Version 1.4:::::
This is a full version release so no patches are required.

Some of the materials had to be changed due to copyright issues plus there are other bug fixes.

18 Jan 2012 Patch v1.3 has been released.

:::::PATCH V1.3:::::
This is the third official patch for the Ghost Recon expansion pack Claiming Liberty. No previous patches are required before installing this one, and this patch overwrites all others. Saved games and replays may not function correctly after the installation of this patch. The program will automatically detect the correct installation path, so do not change it.

The following is added or fixed by installing this patch:
-New enemy kits
-Fixes for all campaign missions
-Reduced lag issues for multiplayer games
-Changed fog distance and spotting distances
-New textures

27 November 2010 Full mod v1.2 has been released.

You need to download the whole thing again if you want the latest version and if you want to play online.


The countries of Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan have struggled under Russian oppression for years, and rebellions are raging throughout all of Europe. All of these rebellions save one have been crushed by the might of the Russian military. This special group of patriots call themselves Coalitionists, and they are a joint force of Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Kazakh fighters who are doing all that they can to once again liberate their countries from Russia. The United States government has decided to help

the three countries set up democratic governments, and they have sent the Ghosts as the leading combat unit. You are authorized to use any means necessary to stop the Russian takeover, and there will be no rest until we have erased every single trace of Russian control in any square inch of Europe.


Claiming Liberty is an expansion pack set in the Middle East, where the Ghosts must take great risks to help three foreign countries who are seeking freedom from Russian control. Featured in this mod are several changes, including:

• New vehicles such as the 9-man powerboat, the M1078 truck, and the Range Rover.

• 9 custom campaign specialists with a variety of skills.

• 16 new kits for campaign, quick mission, and co-op mode.

• 3 relit maps: Morning POW Camp, Dusk Battlefield, and Dawn Beach.

• 15 new missions including 12 campaign missions, 2 MP missions, and 1 SP mission.

• 3 new gametypes: VIP, Conquest, and Predator for SP and MP.

• Unique interface, including new menu, backgrounds, music, intros, and uniforms.

• Enhanced weapon and equipment statistics, including increased damage,

less stabilization time, and correct weights and names.


1. Extract ‘Claiming Liberty’ to your desktop or desired location.

2. Copy the entire ‘Claiming Liberty’ folder into your Ghost Recon\Mods directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods...)


1. Run Ghost Recon.

2. At the menu screen, click Options.

3. At the top of the Options screen, click Mods.

4. Find ‘Claiming Liberty’ in the list on the left side of the screen.

5. While ‘Claiming Liberty’ is selected, click Activate.


1. Navigate to your Ghost Recon\Mods directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods...)

2. In the Mods folder, select and right click on ‘Claiming Liberty’.

3. From the list shown, click Delete, and GRCL will be erased from your game.


Producer: RileyFletcher_01

Co-Producer: Wombat50

Scripting Advisor: Tinker

Testers: Tinker, Wombat50, KBReeves, BS PALADIN

Mission Designer: RileyFletcher_01

Object Designer: Phlookian

Vehicle Designer: Hammer and Phlookian

Art Designer: Wombat50

Character Designer: RileyFletcher_01

Weapon Enhancement Designer: RileyFletcher_01

Cinematic Designer: RileyFletcher_01

Composer: Kevin MacLeod

Manual Designer: RileyFletcher_01

Special Thanks To: Rocky and Wombat50
Creator/Author: RileyFletcher_01
Version: v1.4
Screenshot: Screenshot
Requires: GR Patch v1.4, Island Thunder, and Desert Siege
File Size (MB): 76
Last Download: 28/05/23 17:27:08
Downloads: 3826
(38 Ratings) 
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Posted By Me on 13/11/11 12:51:57

Congratz on the release Riley! ;)

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 13/11/11 17:16:45

Thanks, but it wasn't just me behind the making of it! Lots of people worked very hard alongside me, and I'd like to thank Rocky and Wombat very much. Long Live OGR!

Posted By SlowlyMovingTarget on 13/11/11 19:30:15

This is great... Thank you!!

Posted By twcrash on 14/11/11 06:39:42

awesome cant wait to play it!!!

Posted By william on 17/11/11 12:10:39

I liked some of the missions while completely despising a few others. For instance, when going after the Colonel at the prison; the insertion made me feel like I was at Little Big Horn with myself in the role of Custer!

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 17/11/11 13:24:07

Sorry you feel that way, although I like your sense of humor about General Custer. You actually are not immediately engaged once you land, so I don't really know what you mean. Perhaps you should study some real life battles; I doubt many of them had easy and painless insertion.

Posted By KBReeves on 17/11/11 14:29:12

I really liked all of the missions.  I enjoy a challenge and thought the difficulty levels were just right when I tested them.  I would suggest if you are having trouble with any of these missions you should try an easier level like recruit.  Thanks for all the hard work on this expansion pack!

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 21/11/11 17:57:38

Notice: Anyone who downloaded Claiming Liberty from 10:00am to 4:00pm Central Time on November 21st may suffer techinal issues when starting a campaign. You can either download the repaired version now, or (backup files before proceeding) go to the Claiming Liberty mod folder. Navigate to the Save folder. Delete all content inside the Game and Replay folders. Claiming Liberty should now work. Thank you for your time and patience.

Posted By 9MS Alterman on 24/11/11 14:35:00


 having some issues here with the mod-i have GR, DS, IT and run patch 1.4, i installed CLv1.1 correct but it´s no showing in my mod list in-game?Just some blank line, and when i start up te game i don´t see any changes to standard GR? what went wrong, can someone pls enlighten me?

any help welcome, can´t wait to play some new missions in my beloved GR...



Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 24/11/11 19:10:46

I apologize for all of the errors we've been having lately with this mod; the patch had errors as well as this version of CL. By tomorrow morning, all versions of CL including the patch should be repaired. Once again, I apologize for the errors, and, unfortunately, the only solution at the time wil be to wait until the next day for the repaired version. Thank you for your patience and time.


Posted By 9MS Alterman on 24/11/11 23:13:37

thx mate, much appreciated

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 25/11/11 09:15:11

I love how no matter how many times I say hold the downloads, the download count increased by about 10 every hour.....I'm really sorry about this guys, the file is corrupt as of now, but I will post a notice once it is fixed. If you have v1.0, you can just download the patch and all will be good, but if you have 1.1 you will have to either patch it again or wait for the new download link. Once again, I hope you will understand and I'm very sorry about this.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 26/11/11 18:56:31

As of now, Claiming Liberty is fully repaired and functioning. Once again, we thank you for your patience while we fixed these issues. If you want the fully working version and the ability to play without issues online, you will need to download the entire mod again, and replace any previous versions of Claiming Liberty with the new file. We apologize for these problems. Thanks for downloading!

Posted By JediPatriot on 26/11/11 18:56:54

It's Ghost Recon.  We've waited 10 years.....  We can wait however long it takes to fix this.  Good luck on the fix and can't wait to play it.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 26/11/11 21:47:29

Thanks for your understanding, it's ready to go, so get it and have fun!

Posted By JediPatriot on 04/12/11 06:53:16

Great mod!  Love it. 

Posted By tidder on 08/12/11 04:52:09

Wow... great to see so many people still playing this game. I personally thought it was the best of the series, despite the fancy graphics in the new ones :P

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 27/12/11 14:08:48

Glad you are all enjoying the mod. Just reached 500 downloads!

Posted By greg on 29/12/11 21:53:31

hi im having the game crash just after the fuel station blows up in mission 3 anyone else have this?

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 30/12/11 12:02:13

Have you downloaded the latest patched version? Some people had crashes at that point with v1.1 or lower. It was an effect error. Try downloading the latest version, and if it doesn't fix it, I'll check it out.

Posted By H_White on 03/01/12 15:12:23

This is one game? GRAWE or GRAW2?

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 04/01/12 09:16:15

This mod is in the Ghost Recon section. If you are searching for GRAW mods, visit the GRAW download section. Thank you.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 28/01/12 12:46:34

Please download the entire mod again for version 1.3.

Posted By Cpl Ledanek on 28/01/12 23:23:09

Thanks for sharing this mod with the community.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 29/01/12 10:08:14

Glad you like it, Corporal!

Posted By on 05/02/12 22:30:26

omg loved this stuff

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 29/02/12 16:23:44

If you are experiencing crashes on Mission 07, please download the Indigo Storm patch at the link above.

Posted By daniel on 13/04/12 01:55:28

how do i downlaoad this like how u guys did???

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 14/04/12 13:46:58

Below the screenshot of the helicopter, there are a few columns, and below there is a gap. Between the first comment and the info above it is a DOWNLOAD button. Or go to here to download it:

Posted By GR4LIFE on 25/04/12 13:38:57

Great work! Keep those mods for the old GR coming! There is no other game like the original!

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 26/04/12 13:45:52

Glad you liked this one. I agree wholeheartedly with you when you say none other like it. If you enjoyed this mod, you'll definitely like my upcoming one, Texas Militia. You can see updates and news on it in the forums.

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 26/04/12 21:02:26

Just wanted to clarify 'I agree wholeheartedly with you when you say none other like it' I wasn't talking about my mod. I meant the game, just wanted to clear that up. :)

Posted By mac on 28/04/12 14:12:17

this mod is compatible with the mac?i and my friends play on mac and ghost recon about gameranger. does it work or is it only for pc?

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 29/04/12 15:14:26

I never tested it on a Mac. The sounds and textures are not all the correct format, but the filenames are under the right length, so there should be no major issues.

Posted By Teh Old FPS on 02/05/12 13:30:31

Ghost recon 1....Best realistic shooter ever made :)

Post if you agree :)

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 02/05/12 20:50:53

Posted. ;)

Posted By on 03/05/12 10:28:02


Posted By on 03/05/12 20:55:45

Comments do help

Posted By Joe the Bobcat on 04/05/12 08:28:01

If they make sense.

Posted By JediPatriot on 08/05/12 06:25:26

Posted also! 


Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 11/05/12 09:21:26

1000 downloads! Glad everybody is still enjoying my mod (hopefully!) and that this many people are playing the game.

Posted By on 12/05/12 19:58:20

thanks :)

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 03/07/12 17:44:16

A new version (1.4) has been released to address a copyright violation and to remove the custom kits which most of you probably found to be very annoying.

Posted By criss on 31/07/12 19:16:32

how do i get my gun kits in the missions



Posted By T... Dont say that! on 01/10/12 11:04:38

ehehe, Riley, dont want to be annoying here, but hehe, lol you said that with ''Until no trace of russian control one inch into EU'', i mean, you know theres a bigger part of russia laying in EU !?!?!? From a Dane you absolutely know lol

Posted By RileyFletcher_01 on 09/10/12 08:27:34

Unless I'm mistaken only a small part of Western Russia is actually in Europe, the rest is in Asia so once the Western area is secured their will be no control anymore. Keep playing and don't bother me with details :P

Posted By Herman the German on 14/02/14 11:11:37

Wow, some of these missions are quit tough, but they can be done! Some real good twists in some of the missions, i was never bored. Thanks a ton Riley. Always loved GR1 and i'm just now discovering these mods. Enjoying every one...

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Posted By on 28/04/19 10:38:10

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