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Added: 23/04/10 05:16:04

Over 300.000 civilians die of starvation.The most powerful of all the warlords, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, rules the capital - Mogadishu.

He seizes all international food shipments. Hunger is his weapon.

In late August, America's Elite Soldiers, Delta Force, Army Rangers and the 160th SOAR are sent to Mogadishu to remove Aidid and to restore order.

The events of 1993 shocked the world. The mass loss of lives and the public outcry from the Somalian people, forced President Clinton on 1:00 pm, June 18th, 1995 to order an inquest on the events of that devastating day. Two weeks later, all officers from the Major General, the Captain, down to the Cook, were stood down pending the outcome of the inquest.

NINE YEARS LATER, the inquest released a 5000 page report. The findings found that there was one piece of evidence that could incriminate Major General William F. Garrison. Which left the new President Bush's hands tied to intervene. On December 23rd 2004 the trial of Major General William F. Garrison started at 12:00 pm. There were 400 interviews, 3000 pieces of evidence and this continues to the PRESENT DAY.

A soldier has just been called up to testify. The Judge turns to the soldier and says, "Well Sergeant, Congratulations on the Purple Heart."

The Soldier replies, "Thank you, your Honour."

The Judge continues, "All we need, is for you to tell us what happened that day from the beginning."

The soldier pauses, then says "Well Sir, it's like this....................................................."

And that's all I am going to tell you about the mission, apart from your options and the must do's.

At the start of the mission you can rearm your weapons, you have a choice of walking, running, jumping in heli that comes back to take more troops in, there are 3 different heli flights or taking a ride in one of 23 pickup vehicles to Mogadishu.

There are 7 different entry points to the city. One is a usable key pad entry. Once in,if you find the crashed BlackHawk you must stay in the zone until the time counts down.

You must stay with the crashed BlackHawk crew-member until he has been evacuated, if you're a ghost, or stay with him until he is at Mohamed Farrah Aidid's headquarters then assassinate him, if you are a rebel. You get points for every BlackHawk crew-member rescued (ghosts) and points for every BlackHawk crew-member killed (rebels).

After you find the working phone you must remember the password ( It's a sound so it's spoken to you) and then you must press the right access panel in the underground security room. If not the game will end. Once the adat locations are found, you have 2 options. (1) Blow all the adats by hand or (2) climb the tower to a security control computer, this computer will power-up all the key pads for you to unlock and open all the doors (The key pads and the computers are usable by pressing your use key). In the underground computer room you can call for one air strike. (A MUST SEE).you have 3 choices, adat 1 2 or 3, If one adat is blow up by hand, then the computer for that adat shuts down. You get points for destroying the adat (ghost) and points if an adat is not destroyed (rebels). Once all 3 adats are destroyed you must stay out of the rebels car park: air strikes blow the car park up. At the end, the more ghosts make it home, the more points your team gets (ghosts) and the more ghost die, the more points the rebels get. There's a sin-bin in the game - this means you have 2 lives, on the second death you can not respawn until all of your teammates are dead or if the remaining alive teammates finish the task they're on, ie.once a crashed BlackHawk crew-member is evacuated then everyone is respawned and restored with 2 lives. There's a lot more that I have forgotten, but you get the idea.

The download.
Because of the sounds in this game and the usable key pads and computers, you have to add some folders in to your Local\English folder.

They are sound and string

This is a one off mod and will not alter any of the original graw game and will not have to be deleted, if you remove the mission (blackhawkdown.bundle).

These file are needed if other have custom sounds in there missions.

once you download the files/folders you should have the files in these locations




blackhawkdown.bundle in to your customlevels folder

I have posted on the wiki about adding custom sounds, and I see no-one has registered, please give it a go, it will make your missions more enjoyable.

I will also add on the wiki how to add and setup the usable key pads and computers.

For all the boys that will open the map up in the editor, you must remove the pickup_loy_vehicle from loy_01 to loy_23 or there will be cars everywhere.

where are two maps (1) tdm, siege etc.. (world) and (2) the main mission ( world_tvtm)

One last thing this is a team V team missions, so I know a lot of you play Coop missions, but please give it a go and use this mission as a guide of your missions.

Play the TVTM mission and play it as a Ghost if there is only one playing.

This is a very big map and a very big mission script, so some of you with slow computers will have to lower your graphics to low.

P.S. I am in the making of a coop mission of this map too.



Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this mission then please use the Discussion link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.
Creator/Author: Radiator
Version: 1.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 41
Movie Clip:
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 27/06/24 23:16:12
Downloads: 3417
(29 Ratings) 
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Posted By Rocky on 23/04/10 16:12:30

It is important you follow the install instructions above carefully. I have also added install instructions to the download to make it clearer.

Posted By Radiator on 23/04/10 17:01:48






Posted By Bogie on 23/04/10 19:26:37

OUTSTANDING, Radiator!!!  Glad you were able to release this mod.  When I'm back in town next week, I'll give it a whirl!!

Posted By sliuman on 26/04/10 17:40:01



This looks like a great mission and I'm itching to try it out but I'm getting the same error. I followed the install instructions to the letter, but still getting no joy. 

Also, Radiator, your post above says:  Local\English\string\mission... but the included txt file tells us to put it in the strings folder, and in fact, that is what is included in the download.

However, maybe my problem is simpler than that, but I can't figure it out.

BTW, can this be played SP-style?

Thanks for any help you can give.



Posted By Mata23 on 27/04/10 22:16:57

This looks wonderful. I just wanna know if I can play it in SP mode?

Thank you for everything!



Posted By Radiator on 28/04/10 01:29:58

This is a TVT game. But yes this can be played as SP, there's no AI's to shoot at.  But you can see how the mission runs.

With the sounds. All I can say is , look to see if the files are in the right folder.The sting folder needs to be in, for the usable key pads and computers.

I'll have a look at the txt file, it must be wrong.

Just do the same as the post above.

let me know if it still doesn't work.

Posted By Hi All on 01/05/10 15:35:38

Downloadin it now rico...............patience

Posted By CJ.BH on 01/05/10 15:36:04

That was me on last comment

Posted By AWSIMO on 05/05/10 10:28:25


Posted By GD=_)Donk on 12/05/10 23:20:34

A truly great map we had no trouble instaling and running it ,looking forward to the coop

Posted By black hawk down on 14/05/10 20:08:21

it is good

good game delta force

black hawk down

and this modagishou man

Posted By avery on 14/05/10 20:09:29

Winki have got the game

it is novalogic


Posted By =[GE]=triplex on 27/05/10 17:14:07

Great work Rad. Excellent map! 5*

Can't wait for the coop mission.

Posted By proslayar on 29/09/10 14:53:33

how do i open this mod?

Posted By Radiator on 04/10/10 01:04:44

once you download the files/folders you should have the files in these locations Local\English\sound\settings Local\English\sound\custom_sounds Local\English\sound\sound_rego_1 Local\English\string\mission and blackhawkdown.bundle in to your customlevels folder

Posted By TAW_JayBOT on 11/10/10 13:01:39

HI Please the download I only see 5.xml bundle files and no sound nor sound files....


Please could someone direct


Posted By Radiator on 26/10/10 18:49:08

I just tried the download, there all there.

Posted By davide on 18/11/11 08:35:51

error in launch: "m03_landscape_missing", I see objects but no terrain, seems like everything is floating!! than game crashes, need to delete the files and re-start

can someone tell me why?


thanks in advance 



Posted By Sniper1982 on 27/11/11 21:45:51

 Hello Rad! I like your map, I apreciate your work but I have to say something.

 After I put the all files in the right places I was able to play your map. But when I tried to play, whatever random map, with other people in other servers or in my server everytime I got the "Anticheat error" and also other people wasn t able to join my server. And  other guy has the same problem like me. But we fixed this deleting your files :(. So no more Black_Hawk_Down playing :(. I think some file has a bad into it? Please check it out for us?

Posted By sergio on 26/12/11 08:18:26

donde se mete este mod?

Posted By GhostLead21 on 23/05/12 11:24:40

i can't locate custom levels folder!

Posted By Chen on 09/02/13 07:52:57

But have not try yet but the description already made me think that it is a good map !

Posted By EddieVan on 20/02/14 13:44:22

Hi all, I downloaded it, unzipped it, and did as instruction but got the message: 

data\lib\utils\worldunits.dsf(-1): Missing sound "blackhawk_radio_chatter"

SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\utils\worldunits.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\worldunits.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0)


The error was that installation instruction said that one of the folders should be named strins, but it was not correct, it should be string, so to fix the problem, rename the folder strings into string 

Have a nice day out there

Bo from Sweden 

Posted By on 21/12/18 03:32:59

xeH5ll Im grateful for the article.Really thank you! Really Great.

Posted By on 21/12/18 03:32:59

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