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Red Storm Rising
Added: 09/03/10 15:29:28
Description: Red Storm Rising - a Ghost Recon Mod

v2.0 - This fantastic mod has now been updated with all the superb assets from Heroes Unleashed WITHOUT having to download HU separately! Now you can enjoy these missions with HU assets without any additional downloads!

Patch 1.1 has now been released, it fixes the skybox issue for mission 10, and changes the mod version to 1.1

This is a 12-mission sp/co-op campaign based on Tom Clancy's novel Red Storm Rising. It's a WWIII scenario set in Cold-War Europe in 1989. The missions are all adapted from events that occur in the novel. Reading the book is not a necessity, but I hope that playing this campaign will entice some to do so... it is an awesome read. It requires DS, IT, and the Heroes Unleashed mod by Apex.You play the game in three different theaters, with three separate skins: in East/West Germany as an elite German Landwehr anti-tank team; in the same region as US Armored Cav infantry; and in Iceland as US Marines. In all three, you are battling the Soviet Red Army. The weapons available are all period-based as far as I could research. Watch the intro movie for more details, and read each mission briefing for more information.

GR v1.4

Mission scripting - Variable13
Heroes Unleashed - ApexMods
HH Airport map - H-Hour
Pond map (day) - Cobaka
Airbase day map - james
Winter Mountain Valley map - Bludawg
SOFLAM kits - thales100
SWAT actors - Chems
German actors - DOG-ZEBRA
Marines - Sixpence
French actors - Petitjean & Froggy
British actors - Sixpence
SPETZNAZ actors - Ingeloop
civy truck - Tinker
hostages - MONOLITH and BajaBravo
Scorpion - Hammer
FAMAS, G3, AUG - Bajabravo

action1 and GR_Main_Theme - Hymn to Red October from The Hunt For Red October (Basil Poledouris)
action3 - Arise Ye Russian People from Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev)
afteract_loss - Ancestral Aid from The Hunt For Red October (Basil Poledouris)
afteract_vic - 01 The Fall of Berlin, Film Score, Op. 82- Main Title, Pt. 1 (Shostakovich)
credits - Alexander's Entry Into Pskov from Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev)
load1 - Chopper from The Hunt For Red October (Basil Poledouris)
load3 - The River Crossing to Stalingrad from Enemy at the Gates (James Horner)

Hope you enjoy it! You can contact me at

p.s. Read the book!!!
Creator/Author: Variable13 [Heroes Unleashed Update by Apex Mods]
Version: 2.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 561
Discussion Link: Public Release Thread
Last Download: 19/07/24 00:35:17
Downloads: 3456
(66 Ratings) 
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Posted By Earl on 15/03/10 11:42:35

I re-read the book not long ago, so this is a real treat. The mod looks professional and polished. The campaign is very immersive with exciting missions, albeit a little difficult at times. But I like the challenge! There is a little problem with mission 10: The sky model for that map is missing from the mod (says IKE.LOG) so the sky is contorted/black. I hope this can be fixed in a future patch? Anyhow, a big thank you to the dev team for adding even more replay value to the best game ever!

Posted By TWCRASH on 15/03/10 18:25:39

I would like to see this set to another mod. Due to the HU mod crashing so much we have stopped playing it. Any chance of a port to another more stable mod?

Posted By variable13 on 25/03/10 20:48:22

@Earl, the p02_sunrise_skybox.pob should be in the HU mod's model folder; this is the one that mission 10 is looking for.  If it gives you trouble, just copy that file into the RSR model folder.


@TWCRASH, sorry, but I designed the mod using HU.  It would take too much for me to unweave it from that mod.  I just don't have the time these days.

Posted By AlexA on 13/04/10 04:54:11

Excellent campaign! Thank you very much! :)

Posted By yellowfellow on 08/05/10 16:20:53

In mission 2, the mission description says I need to choose a F117 airstrike kit. But while scrolling through the soldier's kits in the next screen, there is no such thing as an airstrike kit. Even not in the demo's kits.

Posted By variable13 on 02/06/10 07:01:04

@yellowfellow: the airstrike kits are only available through specialists.

Posted By tag0033 on 25/06/10 21:44:54

i can not get this mod to work- it starts but crashe- i downloaded the patch but i am not sure where to install it- any help?

Posted By variable13 on 30/07/10 14:16:08

@tag0033 - can you post your ike.log file at the public release thread please?

Posted By jZSAURONZj on 19/05/11 19:21:38

Make sure you also have the Heroes Unleashed MOD Activated under OPTIONS. That is the most common crash for this MOD Ive seen so far...Failure to install the Heroes Unleashed Mod and Activating it

Posted By Zarevich on 06/09/12 14:25:38

"The weapons available are all period-based as far as I could research"

Ha-ha. In 1989 soviet army Soviet army did not use: DP, RP-46, Bizon, A-91, AN-94, GM-94, Ak-103.

Missions is very stupid.  


Posted By variable13 on 17/09/12 15:33:57

@ado, my apologies for not including the directions on how to use the air strike.  Download the F18 Strike mod and it will have a PDF file explaining it to you.  Essentially, you 'fire' the "call F18" weapon setting while aiming at your target.  Then switch to "target marker" and fire again, but you have to keep the reticle aimed at the target until the strike occurs.


@Zarevech, some of those weapons might be 'leaking' in from the Heroes Unleashed mod; otherwise, it was my mistake - I will keep your advice in mind when and if I get time to rebuild this mod into its own separate platform.

Posted By on 30/05/13 08:38:52

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Posted By Baja Bravo on 16/01/15 16:52:25

personal hello to having a problem in my game with this mod in doi mission of error in the game and asks to be closed which I do

Posted By dany on 23/06/15 13:50:53

The mod looks great and I love the book! But I have a problem: it crashes every time when the 2nd mission start! The game closes when the level is still loading :/

Posted By Sonny on 28/02/16 08:45:04

Which version of Heroes Unleashed that runs all the missions of Red Storm Rising, because ta giving error in the mission "RS03 - keflavik", you can correct this mistake of a bug when entering the mission ???????

Posted By Apex on 26/10/16 17:26:26

This has been updated (v2.0) not to require GRHU anymore.

Posted By Base45 on 25/10/18 15:34:00

The mission does not open "rs03 - keflavik.mis" I have Heroes Unleashed and it simply is not opening if you can put a fix please thank you

Posted By Rpghard on 02/04/20 15:19:22

Just want to say that this campaign is awesome, a very good mix of stealth and very good engaged assault supported by a blazing enemies AI (so accurate and fast). The first mission was easy but that's the only one. Rating this one 5/5 Congrats and thank you Variable13!!!

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