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Added: 21/06/09 08:14:47

The Vitale Campaign is based off of the 7 coop missions that form the search for Captain Vitale who was lost during your Escape from Juarez in Single Player and LAN Campaign Server modes. There are an additional 2 training missions and one additional Bonus mission included with this campaign.

Each mission you can anticipate:
- Custom Briefings that include objectives, tactical, strategic, tips as well as a custom tactical map.
- Insertion location and time when entering the map
- By request, added at least one resupply Mule per level.
- Since there is no respawning, these spots are now where the game is saved (SP Only). Added a few additional save spots.
- These have mostly been based off of the Lone Wolf version; however, still removed quite a few AI from most maps to accommodate the 4 player campaign mode.
- Removed the initial storming of enemy AI at each starting location.

- Tactical Training Yard Mist Map
- Strategic Eradication Night Map

- Mercenary Market Day Map
- Operation: Inferno Isle Day Map
- Operation: Forest Encampment Day Map

- Operation: Chaotic Refuse Day Map
- Assault on Camp Bogie Morning Map

- Recruitment Day - Day Map
- Vitale: Chaos Disrupted Morning Map
- Bonus Mission Night Map

Special Instructions:
All missions have been tested using both the standard weapons layout and with Brettzies 2.05b weapons mod without any issues. Please note that if you start a mission using either the standard or Brettzies mod pack, you must finish that mission with the same package or the game will crash.

To install, unzip the into your “custom_levels” folder. Start GRAW2 then select “Campaign” in the lower left of your screen. Use the arrows in the upper right to select the “Vitale_Campaign”. Enjoy!

Reporting crashes or issues:
If you have any problems using this campaign then please use the Documentation link below which will redirect you to the release thread in the Ghost forums.

You will be able to post any issues or questions there, this will help the author to respond to your problem more efficiently.
Creator/Author: Bogie
Version: v2.0
Screenshot: Screenshot
File Size (MB): 91
Last Download: 25/10/21 09:04:59
Downloads: 10882
(57 Ratings) 
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Posted By JohnTC02 on 21/06/09 10:09:42

Great work Bogie another classic to add to my collection

Looking forward to the next!

Posted By noname on 21/06/09 11:01:51

thanks because i can not get such like this for many days

Posted By ZombiePhalanx on 24/06/09 03:44:22

Great man, great!

Posted By CrackerJack on 27/06/09 21:54:42

Fantastic work! But, it crashes on Chaotic Refuse. ;^(

Posted By WaltE1965 on 03/07/09 12:37:02

Anyway to play this as a single player? So many co-op mods and not enough single player ones out there.

Posted By Bogie on 05/07/09 23:45:14

Thanks for all of the comments!

Cracker Jack; I have not had any issues with both the standard weapons or Brettzies weapons pack.  Could you indicate what the error is and where you receive this error?  Since there are quite a few props on this map, you may wish to turn your Physics down to normal to see if that helps - especially if you have the NVidia chipset - change the control panel to reduce memory.

WaltE1965; These are not coop missions and is setup for a Single Player (SP) Campaign.  Instead of selecting "Multiplayer", select "Campaign" and then scroll through the different missions in the upper right corner of your screen until it states "Vitale_Missions" just like the screen shot shows above.

Game on!!

Posted By OZ*Ares on 28/07/09 12:25:38

Cant wait for your next awesome mission. Coop or SP ;)

Posted By Flanker on 29/07/09 07:41:03

Nicely done, Bogie. Unfortunately, I seem to miss a mod required for the trees in 'Forest Encampment' since there are only those solid, light grey objects without any texture, blocking the sight completely and rendering the map unplayable. Could you tell me, what other files I need to download?

Posted By Gungho on 07/08/09 21:44:16

I need a HELP!!!. I can't finish "Inspect the Container" in Act II. Does anyone know how to finish it off?

Posted By Treatys on 09/08/09 05:22:14

same prob as Gungho ?

Posted By Treatys on 09/08/09 05:25:21

P.S luvya work bogie cheers

Posted By Bogie on 16/08/09 03:27:14

Hello folks, I apologize for not checking these postings frequently.  Ice_71, thanks for reaching out in the forums.

Found the issue with the Operation: Forest Encampment mission where the trees are not displaying textures. Seems that I accidentially linked up the campaign "Forest Encampment" mission with files in the Coop "Forest Encampment" mission. If you download and place the coop version in your custom_campain directory, the trees will display normally here is a link to the download -> appologize for this error.

With respects to the inspection of the containers, you just need to walk up to both containers and place a C4 pack on each of the control panels to detonate them.

Posted By spanish1 on 14/09/09 14:30:40

Hello. superb mod The Vitale Campaign, you know as I eliminate the HAVOC that appears after killing the Camp Leader to in the cave in " Forest Encampment" mission? Thanks and congratulations by mod  PS Find and Interrogate the Camp Leader? You talk about to kill it?

Posted By on 09/10/09 17:04:45

hello. could someone help me. i didn't find where to put the unziped files

Posted By TK on 25/10/09 18:59:40

I walk up to the containers and the option to place a C4 pack does not appear.

Posted By madman1 on 15/11/09 11:28:29

I can't get past the "hostage rescue" at the end of "Assault on Camp Bogie Morning Map". There are 2 pilots with pistols that are apparently set "god mode on" that show as neither friend or foe that remain and hang the map. Hand grenades, 40mm grenades nor 50,000 rounds of 50 cal will not kill them, they just get back up. 900 rounds of 50 cal to kill one of the spawners at the back of the fenced in compound? I can't finish the campaign because I can't get past the end of this one map. Nice campaign though.

Posted By Help on 20/12/09 10:35:34

I try to do it but it says 


Crash in application version: 30899.3048


Attempt to grow archive custom_levels\campaign_vitale_ver2.bundle beyond limits


Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

Posted By spanish on 28/12/09 17:25:01

Please, SOS, somebody savegame with the helicopter of "Vitale : Chaos  Disrupted" derived? Please

Posted By omillan on 19/03/10 22:36:34

Sucha a great missions I had finish them 5 times already and I'm not tired of it yet. no crashes no problems at all. Runs great. Thanx.

Posted By DD on 20/03/10 13:46:04

I have got to the extraction zone after getting the book in the first mission but nothing happens - any ideas...?

Posted By DD on 20/03/10 13:53:13

Never mind - just individually ordered the team to 'move' to the green marker and it moved on.

I have only just discovered these bonus modded missions - fantastic!! Played the game 6 times so great to play something new (though I wasn't bored yet!), Don't like MP - tried that but too frustrating shoot/die/respawn ad tedium. Much prefer the progress to be made in SP game.

Posted By Help vitale-chaos-disrupted on 18/04/10 14:17:38

Help - got as far as vitale-chaos-disrupted but the checkpoints don't work. I do things but no Save Game. It is now getting very tedious as I will never do this level without checkpoint saves. Need help please or I give up - unfortunately as it is a fantastic campaign.

Posted By DD on 04/05/10 15:04:32

Looks like nobody is out there any more. Anyway, I had a problem with my PC - the battery on the main board needed replacing and after that the checkpoints work. Odd.

Posted By pdanoe on 27/10/10 14:36:56

Gotten through the missions, and I cannot tell how much I liked the music. Is this original graw2 music? It was nice.

Posted By Inspect Containers still not working on 02/12/10 01:19:17

1  No option to place C4.  I've done everything else possible; killed everyone I could find on the map to no avail.  I still have no option to plant C4.  Maybe the order of completion matters?  Like, if you clear the bunker first, then you can't "inspect" the containers with C4? 

 Great work, though.

Posted By Inspect Containers still not working on 04/12/10 12:58:52

Turns out that order matters: You have to approach the containers and plant the C4 before going into the bunker.  If you clear the bunker first, the C4 will be unavailable and you will never be able to exit the mission.

Posted By Stuck at recruitment day on 16/02/11 20:16:31

Hi, great great missions, but am stuck at "recruitment day", I walk up to the hostages and nothing happens, is this normal? Also I went up to them BEFORE destroying the two tanks, is this an issue? Again though, awesome work.

Posted By key on 10/05/11 06:17:00

I'm also stuck at recruitement day, standing in front of the hostages.... anyone found a work around?

Posted By Toully on 23/10/11 10:04:31

I am getting broken links on all downloads. Have they been removed / deleted?

Posted By Toully on 25/10/11 15:06:37

Finally got the campaign downloaded and it was not worth the wait. I appreciate someone went to great lengths to create it and the maps themselves are very good but theres no gameplay as there are far too many enemy, they all know you are there and have an uncanny ability to see you through obstacles. The forest mission was the final straw, I deleted the mod after just a few mins of that level. Couldnt play it at all. The trees were solid grey triangles that blocked all veiw yet the AI didnt have that problem So I was blown away every time as all I could see was grey. The previous 2 maps had a lot of potential and the first was a remake of an old GR mod. As a long standing GR(AW) player I epected challenging missions not just lead coming at me from all directions as soon as I moved. Just didnt enjoy it. Tactics pretty much go out the window. Sorry, it just wasnt for me but as I said before very well created maps. I'd love to say I could do better though, but I couldnt!

Posted By mR. nice Guy on 29/01/12 23:31:59

need help about act two its so hard from me

Posted By ciano91 on 09/08/12 04:49:42

I have the same problem posted by Inspect Containers still not working the c4 doesn't appear on the conteiners

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