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Ubisoft today launched an official 30th anniversary Predator tie in for Ghost Recon Wildlands with a special event stream on their Twitch Channel. 20th Century Fox endorsed the tie in with three special HD clips remastered from the original Predator movie.

The Predator DLC will be available free around noon GMT+1, until then, check out these comparison shots with movie stills on the left and in game screenshots on the right!

Download the hi-res asset pack with Predator Artwork and Screenshots here!

Predator Pack in the store will contain lots of Predator based customisation items including facial paint, equipment (wrist blades!) and the head gear! In addition, some brand new character animations have been added, new sounds and official movie music!

The Ultimate Hunt mission involves tracking down a witness who has details on the Predator, before setting off to investigate 3 different areas of the Bolivian jungle.

There is also a new PVP class called The Predator, however this is in name only, there will be no predators running around in PvP!

predator blood comparison

In this shot we can see how close Ubisoft have managed to get Wildlands to look exactly like a still from the movie where we see the predator blood.

predator wildlands thermal

Thermal vision from the movie is compared to the in game representation in the above image.

wildlands predator

Ubisoft’s reveal image with the movie predator shown next to the in game Wildlands representation.

wildlands predator image

Another shot of the Predator in Wildlands!

Full Press Release with all the details HERE.