Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft have just launched a massive update for Ghost Recon Phantoms with extensive changes, primarily aimed at making the game easier for beginners to get in to. After examining gamer metrics the conclusion was that the sheer number of options was bewildering for new players who become stuck in a rut, concerned that they might make a costly mistake with their next weapon or equipment purchase.

As a result Update 2.0 addresses these concerns by reducing the amount of confusion experienced by new players keen to get into the game as quickly as possible without getting an options headache. The entire interface has changed to streamline the whole process for beginners.

The biggest bonus is that new players will receive the Infinite Pack for all classes, absolutely free of charge. Other changes include…

  • armor maintenance feature – REMOVED!
  • 600 inventory slots to store all of new items.
  • Phased game mode introduction for new players, starting with TDM
  • Classes Unlocking : Entry level will be Recon class with subsequent classes unlocked as they level up. Assault from Level 6, and Support from level 11.
  • NO STORE for new players!
  • NO SELLING for new players.
  • Increased rewards for new players as they level up
  • New player’s first purchase option will be the Infinite Pack.

Note that existing players with accounts created before July 8th 2015, will receive all of the generosity benefits that Starter Players will, without the restrictions.

For full details of Phantoms V2.0 See the official blog.