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It has been revealed that Ghost Recon Phantoms will delete all user files (not folders) from the root of whichever drive it is installed on.

This happens, bizarrely, when the player enters the firing range, or joins a match. Ubisoft are currently working on a patch, in the meantime, this might be an opportune moment to carry out some of those back-ups you’ve been putting off….

Here’s the official word from Ubisoft…

We have received reports that files saved on the root directory where Ghost Recon Phantoms is currently installed may be deleted whenever a player enters the firing range or a match. We have investigated the issue and found the root cause of the problem. We are currently working on a fix and will have it deployed by Monday.

In the meantime, players are advised to not keep any files in the root directory where Ghost Recon Phantoms is currently installed. Files held in folders are not affected by this bug, and only files which are in root directory of the same partition/drive as Ghost Recon Phantoms are affected.

We are working hard to fix this issue and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Watch this official thread for updates…


Ubisoft updated us via twitter that the deletion issue has been resolved, as of 20th July 2015 – So game on folks.

We hotfixed that issue yesterday morning during a special maintenance.