Ghost Recon Net

Andrew Stevens over at has been reminiscing over what Ghost Recon means to him, as he anticipates Wildlands. It’s a good read and regardless of which platform you played previous Ghost Recon titles on, you will identify with many of his comments.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon features large maps to get lost in, dark corners for enemy targets to lie down and wait, and incredibly challenging difficulty that can ruin anyone’s plans with a single bullet.

One shot one kill from the enemy AI was an often complained about aspect of Ghost Recon from some quarters, for most though, they liked the challenge it presented – gamers knew if they were careless, never mind reckless, the penalty would be stiff. I still rate Ghost Recon’s enemy AI as some of the best; with their cover and flanking movements, you knew to expect a good firefight.

Ghost Recon opens up with a large forest-like map where gunners would be hidden in the woods and up on ledges, taking shots at the player the minute they were spotted.

This is very true and forced a very slow methodical approach to missions, and fans of the original Ghost Recon will be looking forward to a similar type of gameplay over an ever larger area in Wildlands.

It’s a good read, so head over to for the full article, and let us know what you remember most about Ghost Recon, and how you hope to see Wildlands implemamt these much loved features.