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If you have not already hunted down the Wildlands Yeti – GOOD NEWS – there has never been a better time to track him down and earn the rewards because Ubisoft have just launched a week long Return of El Yeti challenge!

This is a particularly fascinating and fun challenge, so to help fans enjoy this challenge and win the awards, here is the most detailed guide to find El Yeti and complete the challenges. Follow our El Yeti guide and win 2,500 experience and 2,500 of each resource for completing Season One Week Six solo challenges – ie kill the yeti! If you have already completed this challenge, you can now do it again now and still be awarded this boost. If you have not already played this challenge, now is the best time!

Our guide below is spoiler free, so you can enjoy each of the secret locations as you uncover them. Simply open up the reveal boxes below to uncover the hints to get you to the secret areas.

The Background to El Yeti Challenge

Most people completing this challenge will do exactly what you are probably doing right now – using an online guide to find 5 co-ordinates to visit and reap the reward before taking on El Yeti at a secret location. But before the co-ordinates started to appear online, where did the come from?

The co-ordinates are actually hidden within the game, and if you are up for a real challenge,  you may wish to only read the very first clue below and try and figure out the rest yourself because this is a very clever puzzle that Ubisoft have hidden within the game. If you are short on time or brain power, use the El Yeti guide below to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

Here are the three solo challenges you will require to complete before 20th July 2017.

  • Find FIVE hints of the Yeti’s location.
  • Summon the Yeti.
  • Kill the Yeti and photograph the body. 

Okay let’s break this down…

Find the Yeti’s Location

Completing this challenge and you will be rewarded with 2,500 experience and 2,500 of each resource.

These locations are all at the lower left of the map, ie the South West. This is a military training zone, so fly low on your way there to avoid SAM sites, but high enough to avoid small arms fire from Unidad wannabe’s. Remember you can use the map to find these locations then set a marker to help with navigating.

The Starting Point

Ubisoft’s El Yeti puzzle starts with a cypher to be found in the hand of a dead explorer. If you want to figure out the El Yeti puzzle yourself, this is where your adventure begins. Click below to reveal the El Yeti Cypher

Step 1 : The Cypher Wheel

Location : Latitude: -20.4267 Longitude: -66.3490.

Head off to the Nuevo Mondo camp and look around for an abandoned jeep. It looks like an exploration crew have left the camp at Nuevo Mondo in a jeep, perhaps searching for something, however things did not turn out well for this search party…

El yeti hint 1

You’ll find a dead body with a cypher disk at Latitude: -20.4267 Longitude: -66.3490.

No interaction is required, once you have found the correct body face down in the snow, you will receive a on screen notice (even if you are playing No HUD).

wildlands el yeti hint 1

This cypher wheel is the first step to decoding a series of codes hidden in devious locations in this frozen part of Bolia. As only part of the wheel is visible you are required to figure out the whole wheel as the first part of this challenge. Once you have the whole wheel sketched out somewhere, you have to imagine lining up the letters and numbers in accordance with the clues you are about to discover at other locations. The wheel will then reveal the next location. Once you have found all locations in the correct order you will arrive at El Yeti.

It’s a really clever puzzle, and we applaud Ubisoft for adding easter eggs such as this so we can exercise our brains while playing a shooter!

Here is what the full cypher wheel looks like if re-created correctly.

If you want to figure out the rest of the challenge yourself, you will now require to find 4 other locations, each one will reveal a secret co-ordinate. Once you have all four coordinates, plot them on the map, and the intersection of the four points is your final destination!

Step 2 : The Unfortunate Climber

Location : -20.5471 Longitude: -65.8787 Secret Code Found : -OG.KDVH -CW.JFTE. Decoded co-ordinates : -20.8751 Latitude -66.3978

Your journey starts with an unfortunate climber who has come to an unfortunate end on a cliff face.

If you find this statue in the middle of nowhere, you are getting close to the correct location.

Still struggling to find him? Go to Latitude: -20.7954 Longitude: -64.6259 and use your drone to search the mountain face for the unfortunate climber. You’ll need NV to spot him if darkness has fallen… He carries a secret message, in the form of a note, still frozen to his left hand.

el yeti - unfortunate climber

Use the cypher wheel to decode the message which reads -OG.KDVH -CW.JFTE. The results should be co-ordinates -20.8751 Latitude -66.3978

Step 3 : The Hidden Cave

Location : Latitude -20.6633 Longitude: -65.4045 Secret Code Found : -NY.SHIR -WS.LIEZ Decoded co-ordinates : -18.6125 Latitude -66.9289 Longitude

Hopefully you still have the helicopter in one piece as the next location is not walking distance! Finding the cave entrance is really quite tricky, I would NEVER have found this without the co-ordinates such is the huge size of this game.

el yeti location 2 cave entrance

The cave entrance is just ahead of the heli position in the image above.

el yeti location 2

Once inside, check out the dead body next to the two hanging corpses to complete this challenge. Scrawled on the wall is the next clue, written in the blood of the victim.

Step 4 : The Clip Board

Location : Latitude -20.7954 Longitude: -64.6259 Secret Code Found : -HL.FXSP -CQ.DZJR Decoded co-ordinates : -19.9763 Latitude -64.7935 Longitude


el yeti challenge 3 clipboard

There’s one rebel here, taking notes on a clipboard. Take a sneak peak at the clipboard and you will get confirmation that you have completed 3 out of 5 challenges.

el yeti challenge 3 clipboard

Step 5 : The Crash Site

Location : Latitude -19.3560 Longitude: -66.7927 Secret Code Found : -NF.SKAP -SP.HPMF Decoded co-ordinates : -19.6843 Latitude -67.1309 Longitude

At these co-ordinates you will find a crashed plane site. Exit your helicopter to hear the morse code, and be rewarded!


Here’s the morse code solution to arrive at the secret code and co-ordinates above.

-….- = –

-. = N

..-. = F

.-.-.- = .

… = S

-.- = K

.- = A

.–. = P

-….- = –

… = S

-.. = D

.-.-.- = .

…. = H

.–. = P

— = M

..-. = F


Summary of locations and co-ordinates

Cypher wheel found at jeep at -20.4267 Longitude: -66.3490.

Code found in cave (at Latitude -20.6633 Longitude: -65.4045) leads to -18.6125 Latitude -66.9289 Longitude

Code found at unfortunate climber (at -20.5471 Longitude: -65.8787) leads to  -20.8751 Latitude -66.3978Longitude

Audio morse code at aeroplane crash location (at Latitude: -19.3560 Longitude: -66.7927) leads to -19.6843 Latitude -67.1309 Longitude

Code found at Clipboard Campsite (at -20.7954 Longitude: -64.6259) leads to -19.9763 Latitude -64.7935 Longitude (stone circle)

Okay that’s the first challenge completed, now on to the final part of the challenge…

Finding El Yeti

Now you have four co-ordinates, but what to do with them? This is where you need a maths degree, luckily though we have the co-ordinates of the resulting intersecting points for you below (see credits).

The actual co-ordinate for this location is Latitude: -19.7410 Longitude: -66.6622.

If you look around for something out of the ordinary you will spot a bloody rock near the eastmost river. To find it, once you land next to a river, look south (towards the mountain range (in the direction of Nuevo Mundo), now look at the left bank of the river as you are facing upstream and you should see the blood spattered rock on the riverbank with some hand prints leaving traces of a terrible story. Interact with the rock and prepare for the final challenge….

Killing El Yeti

El Yeti will open fire on your position from behind you up on a high vantage point (same side of the river you are on) and attempt to prevent you from completing the challenge. His position can be random, either South or North of your position.

He will aim for your team if you are behind cover. Although he is lethal, he is not invincible, and a nice single shot to the head with a sufficiently potent sniper rifle should do the trick. If you are having difficulty, wait until he fires at your team then pop up and shoot him while he is reloading. Once you are sure he is down and out, make your way up to his position and take a photograph to complete the challenge!

El Yeti receives the Ghost Award

Congrats on completing this challenge, now go upgrade your team with all those award points!

Struggling to complete this challenge for some reason? Check out the video below!

Need help or want to share you El Yeti story – post here in our forums!

Credit to Dirt Gnasty, A Wild Hunter, yokochan09, Fus_Roh_Potato for solving various aspects of this puzzle and sharing it with the world.