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Reshade for Breakpoint

Tweaking Ghost Recon for Realism Graphics


ReShade has been around for a few years now, but it is still being used to enhance, tweak and improve the visuals in a huge number of games. 


However setting reshade up is a bit more complex than simply installing a Ghost Recon mod,  so to help tweak your Ghost Recon visuals to your own preferences, we’ve pulled together a Reshade guide below, and included instructions on how to install a reshade night vision tweak for Wildlands.


Let’s start with the 4 step reshade installation process.

reshade download


Download ReShade

ReShade is still under active development so I would recommend always grabbing the latest version from the official source at (opens in new tab).

Once you have downloaded , progress to Step 2 below.

If you need an older version of ReShade please check the official ReShade Release page.



Reshade Installation for Ghost Recon

When you run the reshade installer it will ask you to select which game it is to be installed for. A list of games will appear however depending on your game library, you might have to browse for the game and select the game exe manually. In the Ghost Recon Breakpoint example opposite you can see I have selected the Breakpoint exe file from my games drive.

Once you’ve selected the exe the installer will ask you confirm which rendering API the games uses, and it will make a best guess at the correct option for your game. For Wildlands and Breakpoint this will depend on whether you play the Vulkan version or not.  If not, select the DirectX 10/11/12 option and click next.

reshade breakpoint
reshade packages


Select Preset to Install

If you have a preset ini ready to install, you can select it from the next installer screen. However I would recommend installing the default preset for now and we can add in custom Ghost Recon presents once ReShade has finished installing.

Do nothing and click the Skip button to install the default preset for now.


Select Effect Packages

This is the part where first time users can become unstuck. The installer offers up a huge list of effect packages to select from which can be a bit bewildering.  For now, leave the default Standard Effects and also the SweetFX option selected, then press Next.

On the next screen, leave all of the options selected and click Next again to complete the installation.

reshade installed


Launch Ghost Recon

In this example, I have installed ReShade to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Launching the game as normal should now present a reshade welcome text overlaid on Breakpoint at the top left of the screen.

Pressing the Home key will walk you through a 4 page tutorial. This will probably blow your mind. Do not worry.

Press the Home key again to make all the numbers go away. You should feel better now.



How to Tweak

Now comes the fun part – how to tweak the visuals to your own preferences. If you like bright, over saturated scenes, or if you prefer muted, more realistic visuals – you can achieve your perfect effects and see the results instantly in the game screen.

Press the Home key to bring up ReShade, make sure the Home tab is active at the top and that the SweetFX options are enabled. You can now selected any of the effects listed and adjust them on the fly and see the visual impact on the game screen on the right – it’s brilliant!

On the example shown here, you can see I have selected the HDR option – this provides a vibrant over saturated image that is full of colour. It looks superb, but perhaps not to everyone’s taste. Play around with the settings and find your own preferences.

wildlands NVG


Install Custom Effects

Effects files created by other gamers are easily and quickly installed. Simply download the ini file, and copy it to the Wildlands or Breakpoint install folder. Start the game, press Home to open up the Re-Shade window, then select the custom file using the left/right arrows. The effect is immediately implemented. 

To get started, try these improved Wildlands NVG visuals!

Coming Soon – More Ghost Recon Reshade Mods