Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft gathered some old school Ghost Recon fans (also known as the original Red Storm team!) and showed them what Wildlands was all about, the feedback was extremely positive. Developers of the original Ghost Recon like Greg Stelmack were impressed and excited by the direction Wildlands is taking Ghost Recon, as is the son of Tom Clancy who was also impressed with what Ubisoft shared of the latest Ghost Recon.

The best part is, you can see the impression Wildlands made on the original Ghost Recon dev team in this video!  It’s a fantastic video that emphasises the extent that the Wildlands dev team are going to in making sure that Wildlands is a fantastic addition to the series, and worthy of the Ghost Recon brand. The video is called Capturing the essence of Ghost Recon, and that is exactly what it does, enjoy it. Feedback in our forums!