How Do The Cover and Move Commands Work?

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2006-06-05 22:22
If you give a ghost a "cover" order in the reticule order menu (the "drop down" one), that means he will surpress any enemy spotted in the general direction in which the order was given. It does not mean that he will take cover at the spot where you pointed.

If you go into the tac map and give a ghost a move order, and from the last node of the move order "trail" you pull out a "cone" - that cone represents the direction in which you want the ghost to guard. He will then find a suitable cover in the general area around the last node in the "trail" and be on the lookout for (and surpress) enemies in the direction of the cone.

Also, if you give a move order in the reticule order menu, the ghost won't move to and stay at the exact pixel which you were pointing at when giving the order - he will find a cover in the general area where you pointed. Same goes for the last node in a move order "trail" issued in the tac map.
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