Cannot install Ageia, Error is "Fatal Error Installation ended prematurely because of an error."

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2007-08-20 22:46

If you encounter any problems while installing the AGEIA this driver package as part of the GRAW 2 installation process on VISTA do the following.

Do a SILENT INSTALL of the drivers.

Create a shortcut to this Ageia driver package by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'create shortcut').

Now right-click on the shortcut you just made and select properties.

In the target box, add /quiet to the end of the line after the quotes,so it looks as follows

"LOCATION OF THE FILE\PhysX_7.07.24_SystemSoftware.exe" /quiet.

Now click OK and double-click on the shortcut to install the Ageia drivers.

Wait a few minutes and then try running the game (or installing the game) again.

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