How Does the Co-Op Campaign Mode Work?

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2006-06-07 03:28
You and up to three of your friends form a team and play through the single player campaign together. Any slot left open (if there are three or less humans in the game) can be filled by a ghost controlled by the AI.

The server host becomes the team leader and he is the only one who can target enemies and place nodes for the others to follow in the Tactical Map. If the team leader dies, the mission is over for the entire team.

If a client (i.e. any ghost team member who is not the team leader) dies, he takes over any AI controlled ghost alive in the team (that is, if there were any AI ghosts in the team to begin with (remember, that was an option).

You can see through your teammates’ headcam (cross-com view) at any time during the game.

There are no save points during a co-op mission, meaning that it is truly tricky to get through a mission and succeed.

It is possible to start a co-op campaign and fill only one slot (you) and leave out the three optional AI teammates: That means you play the game alone (even the missions that in single player campaign are non-lone wolf mission) all by yourself - without save points.
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