When I try to install GRAW on my PC, it gets to about 78%, where it is installing ...\Sound\Briefings\..., and it hits a Component Transfer Error saying "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)"

How can I fix this or get around it?

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2009-09-05 22:59
OK, this sounds nuts but stay with me...try cleaning the disk off with Windex.

I was having the same problem with GRAW 2. Reached wit's end. Only common thread on forums for that error type pointed to a media (either disk or drive) problem. Whilst ruminating over my failure, I noticed a couple of VERY light finger smudges on the disk. Windexed, installed, and it works perfectly. Now I'm gonna go Windex my lawnmower and see if that makes it start--that dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" might've been onto something afterall. LOL Good luck!
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