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Companion apps in Ghost Recon and beyond

With no release date yet for the hugely-anticipated Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the rumours surrounding the game have been growing at an impressive rate. Already much has been made of the amazing open-world developments made by the Ubisoft development team, but gamers will be particularly interested to see whether the game will feature the use of a companion app.



Companion apps have been increasingly fashionable in many areas of the video games recently as they allow the player to utilise a handy second-screen function through the use of the app on their mobile device. This has provided a range of gaming opportunities from simply providing mapping overviews of the gameplay, to even providing the abilities to customise your character on the go and access a range of mini-games.


However, many software developers have noted that the use of companion apps can sometimes provide players with an unfair advantage. And with rumours that the next Ghost Recon might not feature a companion app in a way that follows the recent trends set by the likes of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, it seems that companion apps will need to be re-evaluated in the near future.



Such a move to drop companion apps could be a real shame as there have been many successful examples of how this software can greatly improve the playing experience. The Titanfall companion app provides a good showcase for what such an app can do when implemented correctly as it delivers a second-screen full of useful game information relating to player stats, weapons and loadouts, as well as a handy map showing the location of your fellow fighters.





But with still no sign from Ubisoft as to when Wildlands will arrive, it could indicate that the developers are doing all they can to deliver yet another fascinating instalment of this series – whether it features a companion app or not.