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Jungle Storm Hands On.

More information on GR: Jungle Storm. This time, a hands on preview by the folks over at Overall the report has nothing but good things to say about the game and they even brag about it using a USB headset and voice commands that were so popular in...

GR: Jungle Storm

While most of us would prefer the next Ghost Recon title released to be for the PC, unfortunately it’s not. The next title – Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, due out this time next month, is available only on the Playstation 2. Pre-order now at

Xbox Live DLC Levels for GR:IT

Even though a majority of the Ghost Recon players here prefer to play it on the PC, you just can’t help being slightly envious of those who get to “download” add-on levels via Xbox Live. The official Ghost Recon site has just posted some video clips...