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Anticipating the games to watch in 2017 is part of the New Year ritual, so we checked what everyone was saying about Wildlands – and which sites were listing Ghost Recon Wildlands as one of their top picks for 2017.


Games Radar have a 30 strong list of games to watch for in 2017, and describe Wildlands as a “more rugged, down-to-earth take on team-based military ops” than previous games in the series.

The Guardian refers to Wildlands “emphasis [is] on tactics and technology, with stealth, recon drones and day/night cycles all figuring into every mission” in their diverse top 42 listing.

NerdMuch draw similarities with other open world games when they list Wildlands in their 37 strong top 2017 games, saying that it “draw influences from Just Cause 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5“. 

CNET list 18 games describing the Ghost’s task to “systematically dismantle a dangerous drug cartel“.

ghost recon wildlands

Digital Trends include Wildlands in their huge 2017 list, reporting that  “Ubisoft is putting major emphasis on the cooperative nature of Ghost Recon: Wildlands”.

TheDailyDot decided less was more with their short “13 most anticipated” list, but were happy enough to include Wildlands, saying “Wildlands features dynamic weather and realistic environments designed to challenge even the strongest players“.

Gadget site get in on the 2017 games rush with their Top 30 list, talking tactics about Wildlands.. “Each mission comes with a surprising amount of flexibility in tactics, and it’s a lot subtler than just choosing stealth or guns-blazing action.”

IGN report that “Ghost Recon Wildlands is looking like it could be one of the most ambitious Ghost Recon games yet” in their huge 47 strong list for 2017.