Ghost Recon Net

Lots of content in Ubisoft’s first expansion for Wildlands, but does it excite or disappoint?

We list every new piece of content in a 30 second summary!

The main headlines are :

  • Three new gangs and bosses.
    • Kamikazes
    • Jinetes Locos
    • Death Riders
  • 15 new campaign missions (or more)
  • Four new types of side missions
  • New racing challenges
  • New vehicles
    • Muscle cars with nitro boosts,
    • planes built for acrobatic flight,
    • big chopper bikes,
    • hulking monster trucks
  • four outfits
  • nine weapons


Narco Road will be available for season pass holders across all platforms on April 18

Standard and deluxe versions owners will be able to purchase for $14.99


New missions etc is all very good, but how do you feel about this type of image being associated with a Ghost Recon title?


Good bad or indifferent, let us know in the forums!