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There’s some exciting Ghost Recon modding activity going on behind closed doors, and some in public view on our forums. Today we are releasing a massive update to the already fantastic Red Storm Rising campaign from Variable13.

As one of the best custom Ghost Recon Campaigns ever released, Red Storm Rising now benefits from all the superb assets associated with the massive Heroes Unleashed modification – without actually having to download the massive HU mod separately.

This is how Variable described his mod at its original release

It is a 12-mission sp/co-op campaign based on Tom Clancy’s novel Red Storm Rising. It’s a WWIII scenario set in Cold-War Europe in 1989. The missions are all adapted from events that occur in the novel. Reading the book is not a necessity, but I hope that playing this campaign will entice some to do so… it is an awesome read. It requires DS, IT, and the Heroes Unleashed mod by Apex.

… only now you do not require the full, seperate, Heroes Unleashed mod to enjoy Variable’s campaign -it’s built in by ApexMods! Additionally this mod is now fully Mac compatible!

If you have never played these missions before, there has never been a better time to experience them, and if you have, now you can enjoy them all over again!

This is the first in a number of fantastic mod releases for Ghost Recon as we head towards it’s anniversary in November!

Download Red Storm Rising Ghost Recon Custom Campaign.