Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has spoken out regarding Electronic Art’s recent acquisition of almost 20% of Ubisoft in an interview with Game Spot. During the interview Yves Guillemot confirms his view that the $85 million+ share purchase is a hostile move by one of their competitors, but also diplomatically adds “.… getting great games out there is a common goal“.

These shares also give Electronic Arts a way in to the lucrative mobile games market as Ubisoft already have invested with Gameloft. Some of you might recall we were very impressed with Gameloft when we reviewed their Ghost Recon Jungle Storm for N-Gage QD here.

*UPDATE* CR6 has just linked us up to the very latest development….

“Ubi Soft Entertainment SA could receive government support in its fight against the threat of a takeover by US video games giant Electronic Arts”

This subject has stretched to four pages now in our forums, pick up the pace with this latest interview as posted by Zantar45 here.