Ghost Recon Net

An article in an Xbox 360 magazine this month all but confirms rumours we’d heard about an interesting development on the cards for the Ghosts, Rainbow Six, and Ubisoft’s new RTS title Endwar.

What this means, is possible plot interaction between each of the new Tom Clancy releases next year. Members of Rainbow Six, the Ghosts and perhaps even characters from Splinter Cell might be involved in the Real Time Strategy End War title.


As the next titles in both the Rainbow Six series and the Ghost Recon series are likely to be released next year there’s every chance Ubisoft will be confirming this speculation sometime after Christmas. Chances are that this announcement could confirm a new game engine for GRAW3, and a change in development house, possibly taking GR back to it’s roots….

Luckily, we have an entire End War discussion forum here, and our sister site covers the Rainbow Six Series, so whatever develops, we’ve got it covered!