Ghost Recon Net

Today I received a letter from Red Storm Entertainment! It’s a thank you to the Ghost Recon community, to the fans for their support, dedication and feedback through the forums. Also included was a very cool poster for Summit Strike signed by the whole development team at Red Storm!

Five of the Lead Developers on Summit Strike included their own signed “thank you” message. These messages show a personal side to the developers at Red Storm that we don’t usually see. Some of them do post in our forums occasionally, and as revealed in the letter some of them just lurk!

What the letter makes clear, is the same thing that our own Staff members who have actually met members of RSE have already told us; the Ghost Recon team at Red Storm are extremely dedicated to this series.

As a development studio we are lucky to have such a great fan base… Thank you.” Jeff McGann, Lead Designer.

You can read the entire letter in our forums here, where I have posted a scan of the letter and a photo of the poster. On behalf of the staff here at, thank you to Red Storm for this remarkable gesture of goodwill, it is very much appreciated.