Ghost Recon Net

Thanks to CR6 at GR-Retreat and Seojina for pointing out that the employee page at Red Storm Entertainment’s website has grown somewhat recently. Around 4 new designers, 12 new artists and 9 new engineers appear to have been taken on recently.

One of the new designers is Rafael Chandler, who funnily enough used to sing in a band named to suit our sister site Aggression. Rafael used to work in QA with Electronic Arts and joined RSE last month. So what does he think of Red Storm and his new colleagues…

“Life at Red Storm is great. Dangerous, yes. Free doughnuts, free pizza, free soft drinks, free potato chips, free beer….. Another guy, he knows guns, inside and out. A shooter, a former soldier. I work with educated men, people who know things that matter. It’s a great job.”

Too right it’s a great job! He’s working with the team that gave us Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six… what’s coming next we will just have to wait and see… not too long though hopefully!