Ghost Recon Net

Hours after we published Ubi Soft release dates yesterday, they mailed us an update – here’s the very latest dates as released by Ubi Soft (Europe).

Ghost Recon Classics [X-Box] Not Listed!
Ghost Recon Jungle Storm [PS2] Q1 2004
Rainbow Six: 3 Headset Edition [X-Box] 7 Nov 2003
Raven Shield-Athena Sword [PCCD] Q1 2004 [*]
Splinter Cell Classics [X-Box] 24 Oct 2003
Splinter Cell Collectors Edition [PCCD] 7 Nov 2003
XIII [PCCD] 21 Nov 2003
Far Cry [PCCD] 28 Nov 2003

[*] The latest Ubi mailing still states that Athena Sword will be released next month, with stating Q1 2004 on their website. I checked with Ubi Soft in the UK, and they have confirmed to me that Athena Sword is due for a UK release on the 28th November 2003. Make of that what you will!