Ghost Recon Net

The Plot – A normal Joe Schmoe is abducted from his home while playing Ghost Recon. He finds himself at a beautiful website where everything is bright and cheerful – the people, their clothes, the buildings, the flowers. But despite this rosey exterior, the website serves a sinister purpose. People are forcibly brought there in order to have their valuable knowledge protected or extracted. Everyone at the Website is assigned a number instead of a name. Chief interrogator and administrator is Number Two, but he isn’t the boss – an unseen Number One is the boss.

Failure is not tolerated at the Website. The Prisoners struggle to keep  information from their captors and to find out who runs the Website and where it is. They strive to discover the identity of Number One, and above all, they attempt to escape.  See here how it has affected the Website. [ This newspost is for light entertainment purposes, normal service will resume shortly :o) ]