Ghost Recon Net

Ghost Recon on Nokia nGage is coming, and you can help shape how it turns out. Gameloft are producing the title, and the game’s Producer is looking for feedback for the Ghost Recon community. So, if you have an idea on what would transfer well to a bluetooth handheld gaming device – post your ideas in this discussion and you might very well see your suggestion incorporated in the final release version!

The latest information from the developer is quite exciting. Whereas as some handheld versions bear little resemblance to the original PC game, Gameloft are aiming to produce a miniature, portable, multiplayer Ghost Recon!

Ghost is fully 3D rendered, with much of the effects you’d expect from a current FPS … I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the screenshots are released … imagine Ghost Recon, ported … for the original playstation, and then squished that down to fit on a smaller screen” Gameloft

Sounds very interesting, we look forward to publishing a definitive review when the game is released next year!