Ghost Recon Net

Exciting news for Ghost Recon fans this weekend as we have the scoop on a remarkable development with former Ghost Recon game designer Christian Allen.

Recently we mentioned that Christian had launched Serellan LLC, a mystery project with little information other than a place holder page at Today we blow the top right of the secret with a massive exclusive interview, with Christian, where he reveals the plans for his next gaming project…

We will be focusing our initial development on a hardcore CQB tactical shooter on the PC.  I’ve been working on AAA console games for over a decade now, but I started out as a PC modder, and I really feel the need to get back to my roots…. this will be first and foremost a hardcore PC game.

The kicker for hardcore tactical shooter fans, is that a large element of Christian’s strategy is to follow the crowdsourced route to really make this a game that fans can be involved in. The first element of this strategy is the games Kickstarter page, where you’ll also find a video of Christian explaining his project.

Still looking for reasons to be excited? Christian Allen started his career modding for Rainbow Six, and ended up accepting a BAFTA for the Ghost Recon team before working with huge game developers. This is man who knows tactical shooters from a fans persepctive, and has the resources to make this game happen.

So, read our exclusive interview for all the details, pledge your support on the Kickstarter page, post your comments in our forums right here, and also note that Serellan’s official forums are open now, and we know you will want to secure your own username before it is grabbed by another gamer!