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PC Gamer got their hands on Assassin’s Creed 2 and are reporting that as far as anti-piracy measures go, Ubisoft’s new “must be online” DRM is a case of new DRM same old story – the paying customer suffers.

PC Gamer simulated an interuption to their internet connection while in game and were immediately dropped from the game, losing all progress since the previous save point in the process. This confirms previous reports that in order to play Ubisoft’s new games, a permanent internet connection must be available throughout the game session, even during single player games.

While Ubisoft may see this as the best answer to combat piracy, there is unanimous and universal condemnation of this anti-piracy measure that once again would seem to punish the paying customer.

If anyone supports these measures from Ubisoft, we’d love to hear your point of view in our forums, as so far it’s all a one way debate! Join in here.