Ghost Recon Net

It’s that time of year again, so on behalf of all the Staff here at Ghost I’d like to wish all our visitors a Merry Christmas and also the very best for the coming year.

It’s been a great year for Ghost Recon, with some truly outstanding mods released by some hard working hardcore Ghost Recon fans, who deserve a large round of applause for their efforts, take a bow – you know who you are!

The coming year is also looking good for some great Ghost Recon mods, as our recent round up proved. Of course we are all waiting with increasing tension for news of a sequel for Ghost Recon, let’s hope we found out soon what those bright guys and gals at Red Storm are working on early in the new year. Of course we are tracking the whole next generation of Tactical Shooters in our PC Games forum here.

We will have news on what an ex Red Storm employee is up to though. John Sonedecker has granted us a series of interviews from his new home at Battleborne. Expect to see exactly what this talented and exciting game developer is working on revealed right here in a day or two.

We have quite alot of updates to make early next year too. The Staff have been working with some forum regulars to bring you brand new mission walkthroughs, including some for popular mods, and also alot of updates for the Arms section. Expect to see those in January 2004. Our Ghost Recon dedicated game server will be opened up to the public shortly too, so watch out for details on that and join us in some coop games soon!

I have also commissioned a short movie to celebrate the continuing success and popularity of Ghost, it’s called Mad World and should be ready for viewing in January 2004.

To top all of that off, later today we are releasing a Santa Ghost Recon mission from one of the [GRNET] Team – NYR_32, so if you want the chance to rescue Santa, check back later on!

Finally, I’d like to thank the Staff for their hard work over the past year, the Supporters, the forum regulars for making this an interesting place to visit every day, and the thousands of Ghost Recon fans who still come here every day, keeping the community alive!

Have a safe and happy festive season!