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On the first day of 2006 we’ll look back at the highlights of 2005. We’ll also be promoting the forum awards, your chance to vote for your favourite Ghost Recon mods, and other forum awards. The ball has already started rolling on these awards, you can get involved here.

Merry Christmas to all the fans, forum members and Supporters who have support during the past twelve months. A year with no new Ghost Recon titles for the PC, but another year of remarkable enthusiasm from the fanbase that has made this one of the most outstanding gaming communities anywhere.

Merry Christmas to each and every member of Staff here at who have put in ridiculous hours to keep this place a pleasant place to visit.

And finally Merry Christmas to Ubisoft, GRIN and Red Storm Entertainment. We know our present isn’t arriving on Christmas Day, but we can wait, I think we’ve proved that!

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Of course it’s not Christmas without a Ghost Recon Christmas mod, so here’s the Save Santa mission by NYR, enjoy!