Ghost Recon Net

Paintball fans looking to take Ghost Recon to the next level might want to take a look at Laser GR:AW, which features real tanks and armoured vehicles to make the experience as real as possible!

Laser GRAW

“Had enough of going to war on your TV or monitor? Then why not take a look at LaserWar, who’ll be running some “real life” versions of GRAW missions later in the year. Rather than straight-forward paintballing style skirmish, this is a proper tactical experience run by a bunch of ex-army chaps with enough working military hardware (Humvees, APCs, tanks, etc.) to take over a small country.”

Ubisoft Staff have already spent the day running around the massive 500 acre arena and given it two thumbs up. The event kicks off in March next year so check the site out now and see if your clan is ready to take virtual war to the next level with Laser GR:AW!