Ghost Recon Net

GRAW developer GRIN has been getting some airtime recently. There’s a write up at Gamasutra detailing a talk they gave at a recent conference. There’s also a series of videos on Youtube detailing GRIN’s history via a Gamereactor interview. Part 1 has Bo explaining where GRIN started and details on their first major title, Ballistics.

Part 2 covers Phoenix Rising, Vultures, Unknown, Ghost Recon AW and some straight talking from Bo. If you only have time to watch one of these, spare 7 minutes for this episode, not only does it include Ghost Recon AW, but also an interesting swipe (?) at Bioshock. Hardcore fans will get a real kick out of Ghost Recon section though….

Part 3 brings up to date with their current project, Bionic Commando and also the future as they have scooped a top drawer brand although wouldn’t reveal what it is. Bo also emphasises why GRIN love independence and won’t be selling out to any major publishers anytime soon.

There’s plenty in there that will draw some comments, so feel free to add your thoughts in our forums here.