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The rapid and massive growth of developer GRIN subsequent to its work on GRAW1 and GRAW2 seems to have proven unsustainable for the developer as today it announced closure.

GRIN closed

Citing late publisher payments as the reason for closure GRINs 12 years of producing games across various formats has come to an end.

Although GRIN’s GRAW 2 was recieved with mixed reactions in the Ghost Recon community just over 2 years ago, it did gather generally favourable reviews around the web. The big game review sites rated GRAW 2 at over 80/100 and gamer reviews in general put it even higher.

Today GRAW 2 is still being enjoyed thanks to the ingeniuity of community modders who to this day are still uncovering ways to bring new features to the every growing collection of custom GRAW 2 missions.

So with thanks to GRIN for making GRAW 2 a game we are still enjoying today, on behalf of the staff and users here at we wish the GRIN team and the brothers Andersson all the very best for whatever the future has in store for them.

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