Ghost Recon Net

Make sure you check this out – Ghost Recon on N-Gage. Unlike many other games that appear on handhelds and the only similarity is the name of the game, Ghost Recon actually looks like Ghost Recon on the N-Gage. The development team have been keeping us up to date with progress and it is sounding like quite an impressive project. Check out some of the features…

  • fog, rain, and night vision
  • 4 difficulty levels and varied mission objectives such as: place demolition charges, neutralize hostile presence, attack convoys, and rescue hostages
  • the first full-fledged tactical action FPS on a portable console
  • Local multiplayer over a Bluetooth connection with up to 8 players, featuring several adversarial and cooperative modes
  • Built from scratch for the N-Gage platform – from redesigning the controls to mapping textures – for a smooth gaming experience
  • All maps, missions, and modes original for N-Gage

There are also details of the new model – the N-Gage QD that’s worth a look. If you click on the 4th image shown under the picture of the N-Gage QD you’ll be treated to a movie of a multiplayer session of GR! We should have a review of this title over the coming weeks.