Ghost Recon Net

Ubisoft are using Foolish Entertainment’s Advanced Tactics Center for Ghost Recon 2. You can download the official version from Ubisoft.

This is a neat tool already in use with Splinter Cell and Battlefield 1942 and allows gamers to  create tactics plans to share with the rest of their squad. There have been other tools that coop squads have put to good use in the past, but this is by far the most professional tool we’ve seen. Check these screenshots from the BF1942 version to get an idea of how it works. With the tool running as a server your squad can connect and view your tactics as you draw them out on whatever map you have loaded, neat stuff.

The Ghost Recon version comes with a comprehensive 10 section document and 22 maps pre-loaded to make sure you get the most out of the tool. You can also import your own images, so there is nothing stopping anyone from using this great tool for planning Ghost Recon 1 missions! Further discussion here.