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If you have not already taken a look at the upcoming Forum Awards section, now is the time to do it! We are at Nomination stage right now, which means you can nominate any forum member for an award in any of the many categories we have open. These nominations will then go forward for voting in the Award Polls next month.

In the General Forum Award section you can let us know which of our 25 forums you enjoy most, you can also nominate who you think should be considered for the most informative poster or most addictive poster.

In the Humorous Forum Awards there are 20 fun categories where you can make nominations for awards such as Best Name or Best Avatar, or even Poster With Most Typos.

Back to a more serious subject – modding. In the Modding Awards section there are a whopping 30 categories where you can nominate missions modders, campaigns, and weapons etc.

Of course you do not need to nominate in every category, if you have ever played a mod and enjoyed it – find a suitable category and post your nomination. This is your chance to say thanks to the communities extremely talented and hard working modders, don’t pass it up, nominate someone, or something now!