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If you search Google for our headline, you’ll probably get almost 9,000 results. That gives an indication of how Digital Rights Management is perceived across the entertainment sector.

Yesterday Gabe Newell brought DRM out into the bright lights of mass media courtesy of the 2010 Game Developers Choice Award ceremony where he was recognised with the respected GDC Pioneer Award.

Gabe Newell

The introduction to the award will be of interest to gamers, and Gabe’s acceptance speech is equally interesting if you want to know where gaming tech is headed, you’ll not want to miss his speech.

Where the first round of applause came however, was when Gabe addressed games publishers, referring to DRM has a negative influence

“DRM makes … your entertainment products worth less”

There were actually only two rounds of spontaneous applause during Gabe’s interesting speech, one for the DRM put down, and one when his auto-prompter failed.

Watch the speech here, (60 minutes in) , comment on Gabe’s insight in our forums!